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We use science to solve social problems.

Whatever you want to become, think about how crucial it is for you to understand how individuals interact, how groups like family and school affect our lives, and how social systems help or hinder us. Sociology allows you to study all of these and apply them to any profession. With sociological training, having a keen sense of the world you work in gives you an edge in the professional world.

The "A-Ha" Moment for Students

When you realize you can use the skills gained with a sociology major to pursue a course of study and career options tailored to your individual interests and talents. Typically, this occurs after you meet with one of the sociology faculty one-on-one so that the faculty get to know you as an individual. This allows you to design a personalized yet guided course of study frequently including research and internship options most closely aligned with your interests. 

Sociology Student Handbook

Sociology Faculty

Sabrina Danielsen

Sabrina Marie Danielsen, MA, PhD

Ryan Wishart

Ryan Wishart, MA, PhD