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Degrees in Studio Arts

Degrees in Studio Arts

Sculpture Class

Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (B.A.)

36 credit hours

Specific Requirements for Admission to the B.A., Studio Art Major: Successful completion of ART 105, one additional studio art course and acceptable portfolio review by the end of the sophomore year. Students interested in majoring in Studio Art are encouraged to apply for the Major as soon as possible and 2nd semester Freshman are encouraged to apply.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (B.F.A.)

54 credit hours

Specific Requirements for Admission to the B.F.A., Studio Art Major: Acceptance into the B.A. Studio Art Major and acceptable portfolio review normally at the end of the junior year. Near the end of their final year, Bachelor of Fine Arts students prepare a Senior Thesis Exhibit for the Lied Art Gallery.

Studio Art Minor

18 credit hours

The Studio Art minor provides students with hands-on experience and a basic understanding of Studio Art practice. There are no requirements for admission to the Minor program in Studio Art.

For definitive details, students are strongly encouraged to check the University's website for Bulletin changes at (BA) or (BFA).