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11th International Conference on Path Integrals

11th International Conference on Path Integrals


In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers have decided to postpone the conference to July 2022 (tentative dates are July 18 - 21). We hope to see you next year.


The 11th International Conference on Path Integrals, hosted by the Creighton University Department of Mathematics, aims to bring together researchers around the world who study path integrals in various settings as well as researchers who use path integrals in their particular areas of study.  The conference program will consist of plenary talks, contributed talks and a poster session.  For questions, please contact Lance Nielsen at


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Event Summary:
Creighton Attendees
Start Date: Sunday, July 12, 2020
End Date: Friday, July 17, 2020
Last Day to Book: June 12, 2020
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Tentative Plenary Speakers

Lawrence Schulman, Ph.D. | Clarkson University, NY, USA

Larry Schulman

Dr. Schulman is a Professor of Physics at Clarkson University. His research interests are:

  • Statistical physics
    • Foundations
    • Non-equilibrium methods: applications to galaxies, ecosystems, phase transitions, percolation and complexity
  • Condensed matter physics
    • Luminescence
    • Nonlinear dynamics, discrete breathers
  • Quantum mechanics
    • Feynman path integrals
    • Foundations

Petr Jizba, Ph.D. | Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Petr Jizba

Dr. Jizba is an Assistant Professor of Physics in the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. His research interests are:

  • Statistical physics
    • Foundational issues
    • Non-equilibrium methods
    • Generalized statistics of Renyi and Tsallis
    • Applications to econophysics
    • Multifractals
  • Quantum mechanics
    • Feynman path integrals
    • Geometric phases
    • Foundations
    • T'Hooft's quantization proposal
    • Supersymmetric quantum mechanics
  • Quantum field theory and particle physics
    • Functional integrals
    • Particle oscillations and mixing
    • Defect mediated phase transitions
    • Topological defects

Naoto Kumano-go | Kogakuin University, Skinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Kumano-go is a Professor in the Faculty of Informatics Department of Information System and Applied Mathematics at Kogakuin University, Tokyo. His research interests are:

  • Feynman path integrals and semiclassical approximation
  • Feynman path integrals via time-slicing
  • Phase space Feynman integrals
  • Path integrals for Gaussian processes

Marcia Federson, Ph.D. | University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Federson is Associate Professor of Mathematics at ICMC University, São Paulo, Brazil. Her research interests are:

  • Henstock-Kurzweil Integration theory (nonabsolute integration)
  • Integral equations - functional and impulse differential equations

Matthias Ludewig, Ph.D. | University of Adelaide, South Australia

Matthias Ludewig

Dr. Ludewig is a Laureate Research Associate at the University of Adelaide. His research interests are:

  • Geometry and topology of manifolds and the relations between the two. Recent projects include
    • Index theory
    • Functional integrals on manifolds and their supersymmetric counterparts
    • Short-time asymptotic expansion of the heat kernel and geometric parametrices for elliptic and hyperbolic partial differential operators.
    • The mass of conformal differential operators and their relation to the Yamabe invariant.

Tobias Hartung, Ph.D. | King's College, London, UK

Tobias Hartung

Dr. Hartung is Teaching Fellow in Mathematics at King's College London. His research interests are:

  • Functional analysis
    • Unbounded operators
    • Fourier integral operators
    • Topological vector spaces
    • Partial differential equations
  • Mathematical physics
  • Feynman path integrals and their connections to Fourier integral operators
  • Mathematical properties of lattice quantum field theory

Sonia Mazzucchi, Ph.D. | University of Trento, Povo, Italy

Dr. Mazzucchi is Associate Professor in Probability and Mathematical Statistics at the University of Trento, Povo,  Italy. Her research interests are:

  • Mathematical theory of Feynman integrals
  • Generalized Fresnel integrals
  • Infinite dimensional oscillatory integrals

Pat Muldowney, Ph.D. | University of Ulster (retired), Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Dr. Muldowney is a retired faculty member of the Magee Business School of the University of Ulster, where he taught for more than two decades. His research interests are:

  • Integration theory - Henstock integrals/nonabsolute integration
  • Feynman integrals
  • Theory of random variation
  • Path integral methods in the study of dynamical systems
  • Financial mathematics

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
Hixson-Lied 504
Creighton University
Omaha, Nebraska
Phone: 402.280.2827