Energy Technology Program

Energy Technology Program

Student Spotlight

Anton Yanchilin (Summer 2014)

Anton Yanchilin, an energy technology and applied physical analysis major, spent 18 days of his 10-week internship sailing the Arctic Ocean on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter, Healy. MORE...

Available Energy Technology Program Scholarships

Kathleen Hartnett and William J. Roe Scholarship

Thanks to the contributions of two extremely generous donors, the Kathleen Hartnett and William J. Roe Energy Technology Scholarship will be available in the fall semester of 2014 to incoming freshmen who are planning on majoring in Energy Technology. This year's donation of $12,500 will be divided up among a number of qualifying applicants who will be chosen based on academic standing and financial need.

John Gross Memorial Scholarship

The John Gross Memorial Scholarship was established by surviving family members as a tribute to his lifelong involvement in the energy industry and his commitment to education.  Mr. Gross held numerous leadership roles with major energy companies throughout his career, the foundation of which was built on energy conservation education.

For more information on this momentous opportunity, contact Program Director Mr. Larry Hopp.

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