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Energy Technology Program
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Energy Technology Program

B.S. Major in Sustainable Energy Science

Minor in Sustainable Energy

Student Testimonials:

"Coming into Creighton, I knew very little about energy technology, but I thought I'd give it a chance. The experience was exciting because I knew we were actually making an impact on the function of the energy collected by the University."
- Sarah Gwazdacz, CU'17

"Part of my life's goal is giving back to communities that are in need. Being in the Energy Technology Program, I am able to utilize my engineering skills to help others."
- Colin Thomas, CU'19

Our Mission

The Creighton University Energy Technology Program is a very unique program exploring the critical field of energy in a collaborative, hands-on environment. While we provide the basic understanding of all aspects of energy and energy consumption, we offer specific focus upon project based learning, community and industrial outreach, renewable energy focus areas (i.e. solar energy, wind energy, and bio-energy), energy conservation strategies, energy policies and administration, and internship and research opportunities.


We provide an experience-based curriculum that promotes innovation, excellence and a personal commitment to learning. This includes looking at the human aspects as well as the technical aspects of energy, problem-solving in application projects, and opportunities for research projects beginning in the freshman year. Our goal is to have graduates who are life-long learners, have a strong foundation in science and mathematics, work well in teams, are experienced problem solvers, and are effective communicators.


The program allows incoming freshman to jump-start their college education with summer courses and research opportunities in faculty laboratories. Please feel free to contact Program Director Larry Hopp ( or 402-659-8693) for more information.