Advising Sheet


Required Social Work Courses and Support Courses for Major:  

SWK 261:  Social Welfare Needs of Vulnerable Populations:  Exploring the Helping Role from a Social Work Perspective (Intro to SW) (Fall/Spring) 3 hrs 

SWK 275:  Human Behavior and the Social Environment (Fall) 4 hrs 

SWK 345:  Practice I Social Work with Individuals and Families (Fall) 3 hrs 

SWK 346:  Pre-Practicum (Fall concurrently with 345) 1 hr 

SWK 298:  Economics, Policy, & Social Welfare (fall) 3 hrs 

SWK 359:  Practice II Social Work with Groups (spring) 3 hrs 

SWK 435:  Practice III Advocacy, Injustice, Oppression, & Ethical Decision-making (fall) 3 hrs 

SWK 460:  Field Practicum Seminar 1 (fall) 2 hrs 

SWK 461:  Field Practicum I (fall concurrently with SWK 460) 4 hrs 

SWK 480:  Field Practicum Seminar 2 (spring) 3 hrs 

SWK 481:  Field Practicum 2 (spring concurrently with SWK 480) 4 hrs 


Social Work Electives 

SWK 289:  Self-Care for the Helping Professions (spring) 1 hr 

SWK 371 Special Issues This course can be repeated when different topics are offered 3 hrs 

SWK 399 Trauma Care for the Whole Person 3 hrs 


Required Support Courses: 

PSY 201:  Introduction to Psychology (fall/spring)

SOC 101:  General Sociology (fall/spring)

Research Methods:   (chose one from the following)

SOC 314:  Statistics for the Social Sciences (spring) (fulfills Magis Core requirement for technology and statistical reasoning) 

PLS 310 Political Science Research Methods (fall/spring) (fulfills Magis Core requirement for technology and statistical reasoning) 

PSY 370:  Applying Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (fulfills Magis Core Doing Social Science and Statistical Reasoning) 

**If you are double-majoring in a course that has other Research Methods/Statistics requirements, these may count for SW as well