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An Open Letter to the Creighton Community:



Recently, we have noticed an uptick in the use of a new social media app "Yik Yak." For those of you unaware, this app allows you to post tweet-like status updates anonymously regarding events in your immediate geographic location. Posts can be about people, situations, or organizations and the nature of the service allows for complete anonymity. At Creighton, we have noticed increased negative and derogatory comments towards both individuals and student organizations.

We would like to urge all members of the Creighton community to cease using the Yik Yak app and immediately delete it from their phones.

As the app has gained popularity, content is becomingly increasingly negative and anti-mission. As students at a Catholic, Jesuit school, the postings on this site could not be more contradictory to what we espouse to believe in and the philosophy our education instills in us. Slanderous attacks against other members of our community serve only to tear down the strong bonds that so many of us cite as the reason we are so fond of this University. And, because anyone in the geographic vicinity of campus can see what is being said, what must potential students and other visitors think of the relations on our campus? We would like to remind everyone of the inclusive environment of Creighton University - no matter how you choose to create your Creighton experience and no matter how you self-identify, we are all members of the same Bluejay family.

Again, we urge all members of the community to cease using this app. Should you have criticism for the University or a member of this community, have the courage to put your name behind your comments. Reflection and inquisition are hallmarks of a Jesuit education, but these can only be fully realized through constructive comments and discussion, not the cowardly, anonymous postings on a social media site.

We sincerely hope that this year can be spent continuing to strengthen our community and working to make Creighton a better place for all those who attend now and who will come in our footsteps.

Best Regards,


The Creighton Students Union Executive Committee

John McCoy, President

Jack Anderson, Executive Vice President

John Greenwood, Vice President for Finance

Joel Henriksen, Vice President for Programming

Anna Caflisch, Speaker of the Board of Representatives

Alli Ganow, Assistant Vice President for Programming