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The IELI curriculum includes 8 core courses and 2 levels of proficiency in English, from high intermediate to advanced.

The IELI core courses include 20 hours per week of instruction in language skills: reading, writing, grammar, and listening/speaking. Instructors provide short lectures on new language points and provide ample opportunities for students to engage in individual, pair, and small group activities to practice, review, apply, and expand on their skills. Textbooks, adapted texts, authentic materials, and student projects are incorporated throughout.

High Intermediate-Advanced levels focus on the academic skills needed to succeed in undergraduate and graduate university work. These levels include more complex and sophisticated uses of English in terms of academic essays, reading strategies, vocabulary, grammar structures, note-taking skills, and presentations.

Core Courses

Reading - 5 hours per week

The objectives of these courses are to assist students in developing proficiency in various reading skills, such as making predictions, skimming, scanning, finding main ideas, reading for details, vocabulary-building, making inferences, summarizing, and critical thinking. Classroom discussions and exercises allow students to share and debate their ideas about texts.

Writing - 5 hours per week

These courses are designed to develop in students the skills needed for effective academic writing. The writing process is emphasized, with focus on paragraph and essay development. Students practice writing clear, concise, and accurate communications with appropriate references. Students will also develop their confidence and proficiency in summary writing, paraphrasing, and quoting.

Grammar - 5 hours per week

The grammar classes provide students with explicit instruction and practice in the form and use of verb tenses, articles, clauses, subject-verb agreement, nouns, pronouns, modals, and passive forms. Students will gain proficiency in using the correct grammar in speaking and writing exercises, and error correction activities.

Listening and Speaking - 5 hours per week

These combined courses help students improve their oral communication skills in various social and academic settings. Students develop their speaking skills through role-plays, discussions, and vocabulary-building exercises. Lectures, debates, and formal discussions enable students to improve their note-taking skills, listening comprehension, and critical thinking. Oral presentations allow students to develop their public speaking skills, effective body language, and pronunciation.

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