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Creighton Undergrad Preference for Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy Program: Creighton Undergrad Preference.

Creighton undergraduate students interested in the Doctor of Pharmacy Program

The Doctor of Pharmacy Program gives preferential admission consideration to Creighton undergraduate students who complete all prerequisite coursework at Creighton. The “Creighton Preference” is intended for students who:

  • Do not gain admission via the Early Assurance program
  • Fail to meet the requirements needed to continue in the Early Assurance Program
  • Decide to apply to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program after enrollment in a different Creighton undergraduate program
  • Did not have an early interest in pharmacy coming right out of high school

Benefits of the Creighton Preference include:

  • Guaranteed interview with a 3.0 overall GPA

*PCAT is not required for consideration for admission.

  • Full participation in the Student Success Pre-Pharmacy learning community throughout the duration of enrollment in the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Nursing, or College of Business
  • Take ALL prerequisite coursework at Creighton University (Courses taken for college credit/advanced placement prior to high school graduation will not result in ineligibility, however any prerequisite courses taken at other institutions after high school graduation will result in ineligibility)
  • Submit an online application by November 1 of the academic year prior to enrollment in the professional program
General Biology I & II with labs (BIO 201/205, and BIO 202/206)8
Human Anatomy (PHA 213)3
General Chemistry I & II with labs (CHM 203/204, and CHM 205/206 OR CHM 285/286)8
Organic Chemistry I & II with labs (CHM 321/322, and CHM 323/324)8
Calculus (MTH 231 OR MTH 245)3 or 4

English (ENG 150, and ENG 220 OR ENG 221)

Note: If your Critical Issues in Human Inquiry course is an ENG course, the same course cannot meet both English and Speech requirements


Speech (COM 101 PLUS one course in the Critical Issues in Human Inquiry category)

Note: If your Critical Issues in Human Inquiry course is an ENG course, the same course cannot meet both English and Speech requirements

Psychology (PSY 201)3
Economics (ECO 203 or 205)3
Electives Nine semester hours from humanities or behavioral or social sciences18
Creighton undergraduate students must complete 6 hours of Theology among the elective hours 
Total 64

The Student Success pre-pharmacy learning community furthers understanding of the profession, and provides helpful instruction on how to be a competitive applicant. The Office of Admission and the faculty in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions are actively engaged in providing ideas for Student Success programming and work closely with the Student Success program leadership to implement ideas that are in the best interest of our future applicants.

Some recent and planned programming includes interviewing tips workshops, application tips workshops, panels, program information sessions, and seminars devoted to helping students develop their own individual plan for successful application to professional school.

Fulfillment of basic requirements or participation in the Student Success program does not guarantee admission. Admission is based on academic and personal qualifications considered necessary for successful, competent practice as a pharmacist.

Candidates are also evaluated on the basis of the fit between their personal goals and the mission and objectives of the program. In addition, prior education, work experiences, honors, awards, service to others, and leadership activities serve to provide insight into a candidate’s commitment to lifelong learning and doctoral-level education. It is required that prospective students spend time observing pharmacists at work in their communities.

Office of Admission

Criss III Rm. 151