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Department of Pharmacy

Creighton University pharmacy graduates will be practice-ready; equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, attributes and values necessary to provide evidence-based, collaborative, and ethical patient-centered care. Graduates will obtain the foundational knowledge and experience needed to become innovative leaders, as well as pharmacists who exhibit professionalism, self-awareness and entrepreneurship. Graduates will possess the abilities to be reflective practitioners educated in the Ignatian tradition, will be capable of maximizing medication outcomes and patient wellbeing and will be able to provide service to persons and the community in harmony with the law. In this regard, graduates must demonstrate competence in the following areas:

The graduate will…

  1. Demonstrate and apply the foundational knowledge of contemporary pharmacy practice to achieve optimal health outcomes.
  2. Provide comprehensive patient-centered care.
  3. Utilize human, financial, technological, physical and policy resources to optimize the safety and efficacy of medication use systems. 
  4. Apply critical thinking skills to support evidence-based pharmacy practice and research.
  5. Educate, advocate, and collaborate utilizing effective and professional communication.
  6. Demonstrate personal and professional attributes of an ethical, reflective, and responsible practitioner in the Ignatian tradition.
  7. Contribute to the profession and society by demonstrating professionalism, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy and pharmacy within the Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions meet the appropriate and relevant degree requirements for licensure for all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.