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3 + 4 Pharmacy Dual Degree Program with ASU

Earn Your PharmD Sooner 

Complete your undergraduate degree and Doctor of Pharmacy degree in less time with the dual degree pharmacy program at Arizona State University (ASU) and Creighton. The program lets you earn your undergraduate degree at ASU and a PharmD at Creighton in Phoenix. Students typically apply to the PharmD program during their junior year at ASU and then start the program during their senior year.

After your fourth year, you’ll receive your bachelor’s degree. In the end, you can finish both degrees in just seven years, saving a full year on a typical timeline. You’ll save time and tuition and enter the workforce sooner.

Your Time at ASU

This program is open to undergraduates at ASU. During your time there, you’ll complete your major requirements and Creighton’s PharmD program prerequisites. While at ASU, you’ll work closely with an admissions counselor to ensure you’re on track to apply to Creighton’s PharmD program.

Creighton Admission Requirements

Students usually apply to the Creighton PharmD program in their junior year at ASU. If accepted in the pharmacy program, students will begin taking pharmacy classes their senior year.  

Formal admission in the PharmD program is contingent upon the student’s final grade point average, completion of all prerequisites, completion of successful background check and drug screen requirements, evidence of required immunizations and evidence that the ASU degree will be satisfied prior to beginning the program at Creighton.  


Students must provide Creighton with satisfactory documentation of the preceding, prior to a final decision by Creighton. Final acceptance into the PharmD program is contingent upon Creighton’s issuance of a written statement confirming acceptance.    

Prior to admission to the PharmD program, a student must:  

  • Complete the required curriculum identified by ASU with respect to the student’s specific major at ASU with an overall cumulative average of 3.25 (on a scale of 4.0). Student must have at least a grade of C in all prerequisite courses to the PharmD program.   
  • Complete all current requirements by Creighton regarding criteria for direct admission into the dual degree pharmacy program.   
  • Be in good standing at ASU.     

Admission Requirements 

Students should apply through PharmCAS, the Pharmacy Centralized Application Service. Application requirements include: 

  • An official transcript must be received from each institution the applicant has attended and/or is currently attending. Official transcripts must be received directly from the issuing institution(s). 
    • All transcripts from the fall/winter term before beginning the PharmD program and prior transcripts should be directed to PharmCAS. 
    • All transcripts from the spring and summer immediately before you begin pharmacy school should be directed to Creighton Enrollment Services. 
  • Two letters of recommendation (submitted through PharmCAS). We prefer that one letter come from a college professor who can attest to your ability to enter a competitive professional program. Candidates with pharmacy experience (paid or unpaid) are highly encouraged to submit a letter from a pharmacist you have worked with/shadowed. Do not submit letters from family members of friends. 


Prepare to Make a Difference

The Creighton pharmacy program focuses on care that treats the whole person. Expand your knowledge of disease state management, prevention of disease, patient outcomes and wellness in a program that reflects changes in the practice of pharmacy in pharmaceutical care. 

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