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Pharmacy Distance Pathway

Entry-level PharmD Program – Distance Pathway

In 2001, Creighton University started the first accredited Distance Pathway, providing a full-time method to obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Our innovative distance learning pathway covers the same material as the traditional campus program, but offers students the flexibility of completing coursework using distance education technology. Interactions with faculty and mentors occur via web conferencing software, discussion boards, email, telephone and other media.

The didactic portion of the distance pathway is taught on a semester basis. Some elements of the distance pathway are synchronous (live). Students complete laboratory courses and other activities on campus during twoweek sessions during the summer.

The clinical component of the distance pharmacy pathway is the same as the campus pharmacy pathway. A total of eight five-week clinical rotations are required, five of which are in required subject areas, with the remaining three in elective subject areas. These unpaid clinical rotations provide experience in actual pharmacy practice. Sites for clinical rotations are available in a variety of locations throughout the country and internationally.