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Message from the Chair: Kirk Peck, PT, PhD, CSCS, CCRT, CERP

Kirk Peck

Welcome - It is my pleasure to share with you many fantastic opportunities that await your presence as you consider joining the Creighton University Department of Physical Therapy, School of Pharmacy and Health Professions. The Department has a long-standing tradition of leadership in physical therapy education, being the first academic program in the United States to offer a professional Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. Since graduating the first class of students in 1996 Creighton has proudly educated over fifteen hundred alumni, and is currently ranked #8 among all accredited physical therapy programs recognized by U.S. News and World Report


Faculty - The Department of Physical Therapy is characterized by excellence in academic success through a unique blend and diversity of faculty expertise to fulfill its faith-based mission. Faculty share an outstanding record of peer reviewed scholarship where a focus in areas such as human biomechanics, orthopaedics, pediatrics, women’s health, global engagement, and clinical reasoning in patient management have become hallmarks of the program. In leadership recognition faculty hold many state and national offices representing the profession of physical therapy at the highest level among colleagues and other health disciplines. 

Clinical Education - Student professional formation is achieved through the humanistic experience of direct patient care and accomplished with an incredible support of colleagues represented by over 300 clinical contracts located throughout the United States, and the Dominican Republic. As a component of integrated learning in patient care environments students are granted first-hand experiences in practical application of utilizing competencies in all aspects of patient management throughout the lifespan. To augment student development the program incorporates a comprehensive clinical reasoning model based on expert practice grounded in a scientific framework that fosters collaborative decision making with both colleagues and other health professions.

Residency Education - The physical therapy program at Creighton University was first in its region to offer post-graduate education through Orthopaedic and Pediatric Clinical Residencies. The department has since expanded Residency offerings to include 12-month programs in Geriatric, Neurologic, and Women’s Health. All five Residency programs are accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE), recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association. Graduate outcomes from all five programs have resulted in 100% first-time pass rates on respective Board Certification examinations. 

Alumni - We are proud to celebrate many extraordinary achievements Creighton graduates have accomplished within the profession. Alumni are employed in a variety of facets including business owners in private practice; faculty and researchers in academic institutions; clinicians in specialty healthcare facilities; leaders in local, regional, and national organizations; and providers of patient care in other countries such as England, Australia, Germany, and the Dominican Republic. In honor of service to the country some graduates have joined the armed forces as enlisted men and women serving all branches of the military both at home and overseas. 

Service To Others - A doctoral degree in physical therapy offers many incredible opportunities for a highly rewarding vocation in healthcare. One of the most gratifying aspects of the profession is exemplified in existing opportunities for both faculty and students to engage with humanity from various perspectives of reality. In spirit of the Catholic and Jesuit Mission the Creighton DPT program achieves this goal through organized service supporting the needs of diverse underserved populations in many geographic environments. 

Faculty are personally involved in unique opportunities where students can experience the human condition from various socioeconomic perspectives including diversity with Native Americans, Hispanic populations, and those living in conditions of impoverishment. Internationally the program is intimately involved with providing physical therapy care to inhabitants of the Dominican Republic as part of its clinical education program, and also collaborating with therapists residing in China as part of a growing dynamic of inter-professional and global education.

Faculty and staff in the Creighton University Department of Physical Therapy look forward to sharing in your personal journey to make the world a more positive and just place to live for generations to come. 


Kirk Peck, PT, PhD, CSCS, CCRT, CERP
Chair, Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy


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