Upcoming Grading Deadlines

All grades are to be submitted via the NEST or in person to the Registrar's Office by the stated deadline:


Fall Mid-Term Grades:  Tuesday, October 18, 12:00pm

Fall 1st 7-/8-Wk Online: Friday, October 21, 9:00am

Fall CPS Accel 1st 8-Wk Term: Friday, October 21, 9:00am

Fall Final Grades for Degree Candidates: Monday, December 19, 9:00am

Fall Final Grades: Wednesday, December 21, 9:00am


Winter Term: Tuesday, January 17, 9:00am

Winter Term Graduate Business: Friday, February 10, 9:00am

Spring Mid-Term Grades: Tuesday, March 7, 12:00pm

Spring 1st 7-/8-Wk Online: Wednesday, March 8, 9:00am

Spring CPS Accel 1st 8-Wk Term: Wednesday, March 8, 9:00am

Spring Final Grades for Degree Candidates: Monday, May 8, 9:00am

Spring Final Grades: Wednesday, May 10, 9:00am

Spring Pharmacy Final Grades: Wednesday, May 18, 9:00am

Summer Final Grades:

Pre-Session, May Session, Wednesday, June 7, 9:00am

1st 8-Wk online, Term 1B, Thursday, June, 22, 9:00am

Term 1, Wednesday, July 12, 9:00am

Term 2, Monday, August 14, 9:00am

All grades are submitted via The NEST (Banner Self Service)

Once into the Faculty/Advisors menu, click on Instructor Menu.  You will then be returned to the Faculty Menu, click on Grades-Midterm.  Select the current term.  You will receive a list of those courses and CRNs (Course Reference Numbers) for which you are the primary instructor of record. Click on the arrow to the right of the CRN to open the list. Select the course you wish to grade by clicking on it then click Submit. Now you are ready to grade!

Go to the column headed Grade and open the list of possible grades for that student by clicking on the arrow to the right of NONE. Select the appropriate grade by clicking on it. The grade is the only required entry field. The "Last Attend Date" and the "Attend Hrs." fields are for your personal use. The grade will not be saved unless you click Submit at the bottom of the page. It is suggested that you submit grades often because there is a ten minute time limit on the page. You may change the grades until grading has been turned off (this option is available for midterm grades only).

When grades have been turned off you will have to contact the Registrar's Office to enter new grades or change grades that have been submitted. If you need assistance with grading please come to the Registrar's Office. A Registrar's staff member and computer will be available to assist you in entering your grades.