Flow Cytometry Core Facility


About Our Facility

Other Equipment

In the core facility we have a lot of other equipment that investigators can use free of charge.  This includes the following.

Data Analysis Workstation

In the core facility we have a Lenovo (Intel Core i5) Windows 7 Workstation that is networked to both the Yeti and the FACSAria, and is also on the Creighton network.  Analysis software available on this workstation includes...

  • FlowJo - Powerful general flow cytometry analysis program for all types of data.
  • ModFit - Versatile cell cycle analysis program.
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Adobe Photoshop

MACS Magnetic Separation Systems

Using monoclonal antibodies and magnetic beads, these units allow for the rapid purification or enrichment of specific cell populations for further purification on the FACSAria, analysis or cell culture.


VarioMACS Separator

  • For single samples of up to
  • adapters for MS, LS, LD, and CS columns.


 QuadroMACS Separator

  • Allows up to 4 samples/columns at a time on LS or LD columns
  • Up to 108 magnetically labeled cells per sample/column.

Coulter Counter

  • Model Z1 particle counter for cell counts



Cytospin 4

  • Allows the user to centrifuge cells in suspension onto a microscope slide.
  • Useful for examining morphology of sorted populations.

Refrigerated Centrifuge

  • IEC Centra GP8R refrigerated centrifuge
  • Carriers for
    • 96-well plates
    • 12x75mm tubes
    • 50ml conical tubes
    • 15ml conical tubes

Partec CyScope Plus HP Fluorescence Microscope

  • Portable fluorescence microscope.
  • Uses LED illumination (blue or UV excitation).
  • Detects green (FITC/GFP) or blue (DAPI) fluorescence.
  • Has digital color video camera that connects directly to a computer via USB for image capture.

Nexcelom Cellometer K2

  • A PC-based cell imager for automated image capture and analysis.
  • Does cell counts, size, viabilty, intensity and population analysis.
  • Also can do assays using
    • Apoptosis (FITC & PI stains)
    • Cell Cycle
    • GFP Expression


  • Nikon E400 microscope
  • Hemacytometer (for cell counts)