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Environmental Health & Safety
John Baxter
Schneider Building
(Public Safety)
(402) 546-6269

Mary Duda
Criss I 117
(402) 546-6404

Do you know where your storm shelter is?

"It is the policy of Creighton University to provide a safe and healthy environment for all faculty, employees, students, and visitors to campus. The safety and health of our community is imperative in light of our desire for the highest possible quality of life on campus. Under no circumstances will campus safety be ignored or diminished in importance in favor of other financial or cultural priorities. Safety and health issues on campus, and in every facility, will receive a high priority and all safety and health hazards that are discovered will be addressed and corrected without delay."

-- from Creighton University Faculty Handbook

This page serves as your gateway to Creighton's EH&S department.  You can find all of our policies and procedures, as well as safety tips, the services we offer, information on training, and more.

Campus Access Request Form, Checklist for Restarting Labs and Lab Disinfection Protocol

The Campus Access Request Form, Checklist for Restarting Labs and Lab Disinfection Protocol can all be found in the June 22, 2020 edition of Creighton Today.

Please utilize the Checklist for Restarting Labs to help ensure that your lab is proceeding in a safe and effective manner.

The Campus Access Request Form will take you to the MyIT Service Portal; instructions are available on the Creighton Today link. This form must be completed before personnel can return to labs.

The Lab Disinfection Protocol offers guidelines for disinfecting labs and equipment.

The most up-to-date information can be found on the Creighton COVID-19 webpage.


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