Submit an Idea/Question/Concern

Submit an Idea/Question/Concern

An important role of the Staff Advisory Council is to help staff forward your ideas/questions/concerns to the correct person/division. If you have a concern, suggestion or questions and don't know where to turn, or if you want to find out if an issue has been addressed previously please feel free to contact us.

Staff Advisory Council may attempt to resolve issues submitted by staff by contacting the person or department associated with the issues.

  • Concerns, suggestions, or questions can either be communicated to a SAC member or by completing the anonymous feedback form below.
  • The submissions are forwarded to the Chair and the Vice Chair of SAC. The Vice Chair will handle all submissions and report back during SAC meetings.
  • Please keep in mind, that if you want a direct response to your comment, leave your contact information.

Steps to Resolving an Issue/Concern:

  1. Identify the issue/concern.
  2. Determine if the issue/concern has been addressed before. If so, respond to the constituent with the answer.
  3. If it is a new issue/concern, identify the person or department to best address and resolve the issue/concern.
  4. Forward the issue/concern to that person.
  5. Identify the next step. Is there a solution? Is a committee already working on the issue/concern?
  6. Contact the constituent, advising them of the outcome if the choose to contacted.

We are not able to resolve all issues, but, if necessary, we will continue to ask questions until there is an outcome. 


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