Student Employment

The Creighton University Student Employment Office is located on the second floor of the Harper Center, room 2054.

2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68178



fax 402.280.2895

Each year over 2,600 Creighton students help meet their educational expenses by working here at Creighton, both through the Federal Work Study program and University funded employment.   

Student employees serve in a wide variety of positions from intramural referees at soccer games to research assistants in Health Sciences labs.  The person who answers the phone when you call a campus department is often a Creighton student.  The friendly face you see when approaching a receptionist’s desk is often a student worker.  They escort you to your car when it’s late at night, watch over your toddler in the Child Care Center, put your library books back on the shelves, sort your mail and monitor the safety cameras in the parking lots.  They file your chart when you are seeking treatment in the Dental Clinic and design many of the Creighton web pages to view. And don’t forget, that personality behind Billy Bluejay is a student worker.



Brendan Gernes, Senior Arts and Sciences student, has been selected the Creighton Student Employee of the year.  Mason Harmon is his nominating supervisor.  Brendan has worked in the Office of Development Phonathon for the past 4 years.  Following his graduation in May, he plans to do a year of volunteer service in South America.

All nominees will receive a letter of commendation from Fr. Hendrickson.  Brendan will receive a $1000 scholarship at a luncheon in his honor.  Runners up Serenity McAndrews (SPAHP)  and Catherine Pedigo (University Archives)  will receive $250 scholarships.

Read more about Brendan here.

View all nominees.

Timesheet training for students and supervisors


Here are some helpful on-line tools for completing the MYHR online timesheet:



Go here to read about some basic points of the new timekeeping system.

Job Skills training for students

If you would like to brush up on your job skills, you can self-enroll in the Student Employment Job Skills Training course on BlueLine.


Job Skills training info for supervisors

This office is excited to announce that a series of student job skills training modules have recently been developed and are available for student employees  through Creighton BlueLine. This will be a great tool to make your training process more comprehensive.  You can direct your students to complete the modules during their job orientation process. 

Currently there are 5 modules.  More are in the works. Topics so far include:

  •  Confidentiality
  •  Customer Service
  •  Dress Code/Attendance/Reporting work hours
  •  Work Accuracy
  • Pre-Employment forms

The Course in BlueLine is called “Student Employment Job Skills training”.

 You as the supervisor will be able to track which of your students have completed the on-line training. You will need an invitation  from BlueLine directing you to register as “Instructional Assistant” for the course “Student Employment Job Skills Training”. You will not have any teaching duties; this step gives you access to the system so you can begin viewing your students’ training completion. If you would like an invitation or have questions about BlueLine call 402-280-3428 or email

Federal I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form

At time of hire, students will need to present, in person,  original documents that prove identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

  • Students being hired by CU departments will complete their I-9 in the Human Resources Office located at the far west end of campus, on the SW corner of 30 St and Burt St.  Enter and park on the west side of building.
  • Federal Work Study students will complete their I-9 in the Student Employment Office,  Harper Center rm 2054.

 Go here for more information.

  • VIEW YOUR PAYSTUBS ON-LINE   Your pay stubs, W4  tax withholding  forms and end of the year W2 earnings statements can be viewed on line through CU Human Resources self service.  This link will hold archived material for anything prior to January 2017, including the 2016 W2.
  • The Work Number - Creighton uses this Web-based employment / salary verification system.  Use it when you need to provide  verification of your Creighton employment for a job application, a credit card, apartment lease,etc.
  • Creighton Payroll Office  Questions about student paychecks, taxes, direct deposit, and W2 and W4 tax forms. 402-280-4017
  • Financial Aid Questions about your financial aid eligibility and how to apply for aid.
  • Creighton Career Center  Information about off campus jobs for CU students, including part time, full time, summer and internships.