Devi Mukkai-Krishnamurty, MB,BS
Devi Mukkai-Krishnamurty, MB,BS

Devi Mukkai-Krishnamurty, MB,BS

Assistant Professor
School of Medicine


  • Colon and Rectal Surgery
  • General Surgery

Academic Appointments


  • Surgery


  • Assistant Professor


  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences,M.B.,B.S.,8/2001-1/2007
  • General Surgery Residency: Creighton University Medical Center 7/2009-6/2014
  • Patient Safety and Quality Chief Residency: VA Medical Center Omaha and Creighton University7/2014-6/2015
  • Colon And Rectal Surgery Fellowship: Washington University-Barnes Jewish Hospital, St Louis 7/2015-7/2016


American Board of Surgery
American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery

Publications and Presentations


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  • CME event for GI Presentations at the Marriott Regency Hotel:  "Fecal Incontinence" and "Anorectal Diseases";  "Practical Gastroenterology:  An Update for Primary Care"   , 2017
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Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Quality improvement in Surgery
    Implementation of Enhanced Recovery Pathways

Current Research Projects

  • Enhanced Recovery Pathways
    Quality Improvement in Surgery