Jess M. Gunn, PhD

Jess M. Gunn, PhD

Jess M. Gunn, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Appointments


  • Chemistry and Biochemistry


  • Instructor

Teaching Activity

  • Dr. Gunn runs the General Chemistry laboratory program and teaches additional laboratories in Quantitative Analysis/Advanced General Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.


Dr. Jess Gunn joined the Department of Chemistry in 2009 as the General Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator.  As the lab coordinator, she is responsible for experiment development and optimization, editing the laboratory manual, TA hiring and teaching multiple sections of the general chemistry lab each semester.  She also teaches Advanced Gen Chem/Quantitative Analysis laboratories and occasionally returns to her roots as a physical chemist in the Physical Chemistry laboratories.  Dr. Gunn is also regularly involved in advising.  While she has formally served as an advisor both through the Ratio Studiorum program and major advising, and semi-formally through pre-health advising, she greatly enjoys the informal advising that takes place in the laboratory and helping freshmen, in particular, start to discern which major and/or career path is right for them.

Awards and Honors

  • CCAS Major Advising Award, Creighton University, 2014