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Communication Studies Faculty & Staff

Part-time and Adjunct Faculty

Amanda Goodrich, MA

Part-time Instructo

Amanda Goodrich is a part-time instructor for the Communication Studies department at Creighton University. Amanda received her Bachelor’s in Communication from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2011, and then returned to UNO to complete a Master’s degree in Communication, graduating in August 2016. Amanda has taught Public Speaking Fundamentals and Argumentation and Debate, and here at Creighton she teaches Relationships, Work, & Culture; Managerial (Business & Professional) Communication, and COM101, the Digital Communication lab. Her research interests include critical, cultural, sexual orientation and gender studies. Amanda has a passion for public speaking and forensics (competitive public speaking) and has been a coach at both the high school and collegiate levels for over 10 years. Amanda is still an active member of the forensics community and continues to pursue her writing and research interests. Amanda spends her free time with her puppies Frenchy and Rizzo, and hopes to begin PhD school within the next five years.