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Honors Program

College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program

Honors students experience a personalized academic journey, priority registration, individual guidance from faculty advisors and lifelong connections with peers.

If you believe you’re a culmination of the five people you spend the most time with, you will experience a development in character unrivaled by any other program.
— Brady Culp, Honors ‘26

What does it mean to be an Honors Student?

Honors Program
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Message from the Director

J Hause

The day I became Director of the Creighton Honors Program was among the most exciting in my life.  I had already been part of the Honors team for six years, and I had seen first-hand that honors education is undergraduate education at its finest: exciting, lively classes that explore topics deeply and from multiple perspectives, in which students feel encouraged and empowered to take charge of discussion.  What made me fall in love with Honors, however, was its dynamic and supportive community.  This community is alive and always changing with the ideas and contributions of each new class.  What never changes, however, is the support students receive.  Not only can they rely on professors, research supervisors, advisors, and mentors to provide opportunities and experiences in research, leadership, and service, but they can also depend on each other for the mutual encouragement that makes possible the amazing successes our students achieve at Creighton and beyond.  Creighton Honors students' experiences have been, and will be, transformed into deeds that set the world on fire.

--Dr. Jeffrey Hause





Have Questions about the Creighton Honors Program?

If you have any questions about the Honors curriculum or academic advising, feel free to contact the Honors Program Director Dr. Jeffrey Hause, or Associate Director, Dr. Erin Averett.

If you have questions about life in the freshmen Honors community on Swanson 9, student life on Creighton's campus in general, your prospective major, or what being an Honors student entails, please send an email. Your email will be promptly directed to a student or faculty member able to answer your questions.