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Awards and Honors



Successful Outcomes for Graduates 

The Creighton Honors Program has placed graduates in top graduate and professional schools around the world, including Yale, Berkeley, University of Chicago, Harvard, Michigan, Oxford, Sophia (Tokyo), and Notre Dame. Other Honors graduates have taken jobs at top companies and work as business analysts, cyber-warfare specialists, and legislative liaisons. 

National Collegiate Honors Council: Honors Student of the Year 

  • 2019: Margaret (Molly) Carrig 

Goldwater Scholarship 

The Goldwater Foundation, established in 1986 to honor Senator Barry M. Goldwater, is a federally endowed agency with a scholarship program designed to encourage students to pursue careers in mathematics, the natural sciences and engineering. The Goldwater Scholarship is the premier undergraduate award of its type in these fields, which will cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, and food and housing up to a maximum of $7,500 per year. 

2022: Tavian Sanchez 
2021: Eli Blaney 
2019: Mason Rhodes 
2017: Kathy Marinelli 
2016: Alex Tarter, Samantha Stoupa, Jordan Roth 
2015: Daniel Poston 
2014: Emma Hoppe, Jennie Hartjes, Patrick Bruck 
2012: Alexander Stock 
2010: Anya Burkart, Michael Davidson 
2009: Adam Karnik, Margaret McGlynn, Kristin Wakin 
2008: Rajeev K. Anchan, Natalie German, Anastasia Yanchilina 


Fullbright Scholarship 

This scholarship awards grants to students, allowing them to participate in an international education exchange program. It is a merit-based, competitive program that awards about 1600 students per year. 

2019: Mary Kate Wolken (Spain), Sahil Sandhu (Tajikistan)
2014: Mary Wade (Bulgaria)
2012: Anthony Schlimgen (Germany), Robert Placek (Canada)
2011: Anya Burkart (Germany), Jessica Gaulter (Galapagos)
2009: Sarah Daley (Ukraine)
2008: Claire Climer (Ecuador)


Phi Beta Kappa 

Creighton University has its own chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the United States' most prestigious academic Honor Society. 

2022-2023: Will Brausch, Sofia Deatherage, Joshua Fernandes, Haydn Fitzgerald, Chandler Fong, Noah Ford, Henry Glynn, David Harris, Amy Huang, Jonathan Li, Morgan McAndrew, Grace Ohland, John Rogers, Courtney Schmidt, Davis Thalhuber, Kate Timboe

2021-2022: Grace Alli, Madlyn Anderson, Kristine Au, Garret Gloeb, Noah Keime, Kristal Kuo, Natalie Liao, JJ Mark, Paul MArtin, Kevin Nguyen, Chirstyn Okuno, Jack Rausch, Tavian Sanchez, Noelle Schnelle, Nicole Sipko, Tien Tran, Adam Wilson, Ameer Zurob, Saif Zurob

2020-2021: Margaret Atkinson, Meredith Benson, Alyssa Bursott, Ethan Elumba, Charlotte Higgins, Cole Klassen, Maya Matthews, Ellie McCreary, Peyton Miller, Rebekah Rapoza, Julie Srail, Greg Sweetland, George J. Varghese, Ethan Wahle, Mikayla Warrick 

2019-2020: Taylor L. Burke, Emily A. Khoury, Andrea Sarah Laudi, Mark May, Shannon Myers, Hannah Jane Okelberry, Carly Grace Rademacher, Lorenzo Riva, Kaitlin Smith, Jacquelyn T. Wright 

2018-2019: Margaret Carrig, Nathan Chaplin, Joseph D'Alesio, Olivia Fuson, Bailey Hassman, Kaitlin Marley, Marah Miller, Braden Oldham, Colin Reedy, Ryan Sabotin, Gillian Straub 

2017-2018: Kate Albrecht, Michael Barry, Nancy He, Nicolas Kuttner, Alison Mause, Hannah Pulverenti, Lauren Richards, Erika Ruhnke, Robyn Scott, Athena Strother 

2015-2016: Anna Cheek, Daniel Dean, Michael Holdsworth, Krysta Larson, Salvatore Leone, Kelli Mans, Audrey Netzel, Jordan Roth, Emma Schaffer, Manaswita Tappata, Ashley Weed, Drew Weiner 

2014-2015: Maria Benevento, Sarah Birnbaum, Patrick Bruck, Cole Crawford, Caitlyn Ewers, Matthew Goldsmith, Carissa Hernandes, Isabelle Laposha, John McCoy, Daniel Poston, Anthony Rauschenbach, Erin Rossiter, Leah Schaffer, Alex Tarter, Alex Tymkowicz, Eric Villanueva, Haley Warren, Ruomei Wu 

2013-2014: Michael Austerberry, Mark Byrne, Jonathan Ermer, Renner Fujiwara, Michael Grzelak, Jennifer Hartjes, David Martin, Rebecca Moynihan, Erin Triplet, Katie Truitt 

2012-2013: Erin Borchers, Natalie Gorup, Joseph Maschman 


Alpha Sigma Nu 

Membership in Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honor Society, is one of the highest honors that Creighton bestows upon its students. 

2019: Margaret Atkinson, Taylor Burke, Morgan Eiden, Ethan Elumba, Marissa Galardi, Emily Khoury, Mark May, Carly Rademacher, Rebekah Rapoza, James Sickler, Jacquelyn Wright 

2018: Kaitlin Carlson, Margaret Carrig, Bailey Hassman, Hannah O'Hagan, Hannah Pulverenti, Lauren Richards 

2017: Kate Albrecht, Alexandra Berry, Evan Dalton, Nicolas Kuttner, Abigail Laudi, Kathleen Marinelli, Alison Mause, Elizabeth Mause, Rachel Pham, Jacqueline Ramos, Monika Satkauskas, Samantha Stoupa, Lauren Strzelecki, Ellen Townley, Kara Wolters 

2016: Caity Ewers, Michael Heffernan, Krysta Larson, Henry Mishek, and Emma Schaffer 

2015: Cole Crawford, Renner Fujiwara, Michael Grzelak, Carissa Hernandes, Melanie Ladley, Audrey Netzel, Daniel Poston, Erin Rossiter, Alexandra Tymkowicz 

2014: Michael Austerberry, Maria Benevento, Mark Byrne, Dominic Dongilli, Jonathan Ermer, Elycia Kazemian, David Martin, Mary Claire McGlynn, Rebecca Moynihan, Jared Ruchensky, Leah Schaffer, Eric Villanueva, Mary Wade, Haley Warren 

2013: Susan Cook, Ryan Hafner, Jordan Kellerstrass, Madeline Novoa, Angela O'Brien, Emmett O'Keefe, Alex Stock 

2012: Taylor Bauman, Erin Borchers, Erin Cahhill, Merijke Coenraad, Daniel Delaney, Timothy Foster, Shweta Goswami, Zoran Pavlovic, Kara Stockdale 

2011: Daniel Belatti, Jessica Gaulter, Jacob Huju 

2010: Anne Bautch, Rebecca Harvey, Ana Heck, Brian Martens, Margaret McGlynn, Hannah Novoa, Allison Showalter 

2009:  Ryan Borchers, Sarah Fredrick, Michael Gibilisco, Geoff Hays, Adam Karnik, Sarah Norris, Emily Ruskamp, Kristin Wakin 

2007: Natalie German, Sarah Gude, Alan Hickle, Katrina Koclanes, Kathleen McKillip, Jamie Prevedel, Nadia Sebastian 


Senior Awards 

2016: Caity Ewers, Daniel Poston
2015: Augusta Herman, Mary Claire McGlynn, Cole Crawford
2009: Kate McKillip, Natalie German, Meghan Freeman


Spirit of Creighton 

This award is given at the Commencement ceremony by the President of the University to students who "embody the Creighton credo". 

2019: Hana O'Hagan
2018: Samantha Stoupa
2017: Nicholas Fisher
2015: Augusta Herman, John McCoy
2009: Geoff Hays
2007: Brandon Hankey


Clare Boothe Luce 

Clare Boothe Luce established the Clare Boothe Luce Fund to encourage women to enter, study, graduate and teach in fields where there have been obstacles to their advancement. Creighton University is one of only 13 educational institutions that have been granted Clare Boothe Luce funds in perpetuity. Across the country, only about 40 new Clare Boothe Luce Scholars are selected each year. Clare Boothe Luce scholars must be women majoring in one of the natural sciences, engineering, mathematics or computer science; they must also plan on a research career in one of these fields. In addition to being excellent students, Clare Boothe Luce scholars must complete a science related research project while funded. 

2023: Darby Durbin, Grace Jaworski, Margaret Laughlin 
2020: Madelyn Anderson, Chisom Nwakama (Biochemistry)
2019: Jacquelyn Wright (Biochemistry)
2018: Bailey Hassman (Neuroscience)
2017: Rachel Busselman (Biology), Monika Satkauskas (Chemistry and Medical Mathematics), Samantha Stoupa (Biochemistry)
2015: Danielle Desa
2014: Katherine Bauer (Physics and Biochemistry), Jennifer Hartjes (Biochemistry), Leah Schaffer (Chemistry)
2013: Gloria Larson (Biology and Mathematics), Anne Mirich (Chemistry), Katherine Bauer (Chemistry and Physics), Jennifer Hartjes (Biochemistry)
2012: Meghan Smith (Biochemistry), Erin Triplet (Biology), Anne Mirich (Chemistry)
2011: Virginia Barak (Biology), Susan Cook (Biology)
2010: Anya Burkart (Physics and German)
2009: Elsbeth Klotz (Chemistry), Anya Burkart (Physics and German)
2008: Elsbeth Klotz (Chemistry), Meghan Ruhland (Biology)
2007: Sarah Fredrick (Chemistry), Natalie German (Biochemistry), Ann Jizba (Biology)