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GME Wellness Service

Resident and fellow wellness is a priority for Creighton University’s graduate medical education. The GME Wellness Service helps residents and fellows cope with the common stressors of training. They have access to free, confidential coaching and counseling support through Dr. Allison Harlow, a licensed psychologist. These services are designed specifically to support the unique needs of residents/fellows. You do not need to be in crisis; you may just want to talk or consult.

Examples of issues addressed include:

  • Concerns about work performance
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Family tensions
  • Financial worries
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Relationship concerns
  • Career decision-making
  • Adverse events (e.g., needle stick, traumatic patient outcome)
  • Burnout

Dr. Harlow can also assist residents/fellows and their families in locating community resources through the Employee Assistance Program, their medical insurance plan, or self-pay providers. Additionally, Dr. Harlow is available to facilitate meetings with groups of residents/fellows to debrief on challenging experiences in training.

Employee Assistance Program

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to turn? Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers much more than counseling. Work/Life Specialists are available anytime to provide unlimited consultations on your most unique work-life challenges. This powerful benefit is available to all employees and their families. 

Find additional details on Creighton’s Human Resources site.

There are two ways to use the EAP:

You will need to sign in to Magellan to access the full range of services. A depression screening is quickly and easily available to assess your level of stress.

Services offered through the EAP

In-person Counseling
You have up to 8 counseling sessions with a local provider available to you at no cost. You do not need to be enrolled in Creighton’s medical plan to access these services. You will have the opportunity to choose the provider you want to see from a list of participating providers.

You can receive up to 8 free counseling sessions through BetterHelp virtual therapy. You can choose your format: video conferencing, telephone, text messaging, or chat. You do not need to be enrolled in Creighton's medical insurance plan to access these services.
Tele-EAP Coaching
Tele-EAP coaching offers you the opportunity to speak with a professional coach about some of the day-to-day challenges that you might face. Tele-EAP coaching is a great way to receive real-time support when you need it most.
Web-based Care
If you prefer self-directed counseling at times that are most convenient to you, you can use the EAP web-based services. Interactive online programs deliver evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you learn and practice skills that have been shown to help thousands of people feel better.
Crisis Management
The EAP provides you with immediate, telephone-based crisis intervention and stabilization services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply call the toll-free number 1-800-424-4831 and speak with a highly qualified counselor for immediate attention to your situation.
Other Benefits
The EAP offers additional benefits, such as work-life services, legal and financial consultation, health and wellness programming, self-assessments, and webinars and podcasts.

Metro Omaha Medical Society

The Metro Omaha Medical Society provides area physicians with supportive resources and an accessible, confidential, and time efficient way to gauge stress, in order to combat the increasing prevalence of physician burnout. Take the Provider Wellness online assessment to gauge your stress level.  

LifeBridge Nebraska

  • The Nebraska Medical Association offers a peer-to-peer coaching program at no cost for all Nebraska physicians. Confidential appointments are self-referred without any medical diagnoses, insurance billing, electronic records, or notification to any employers or to the board of medicine. Coaching is available to all residents and fellows, and membership in NMA is not required.
  • Connect with LifeBridge Nebraska at 1-888-569-2036