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Natural Medicines Research Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The Center for Drug Information and Evidence-Based Practice at Creighton University offers a unique two-year research fellowship program with an emphasis in natural medicines research.

The fellow will gain experience primarily in the area of research synthesis including systematic review and meta-analysis. There will also be opportunities for experiences in the areas of survey design, educational research, medication policy, drug information, evidence-based practice, grant writing, teaching, medical/scholarly writing, and others.

Fellowship Experiences

The Natural Medicines Research Fellowship programs offers three core experiences: research, drug information clinical practice and teaching.


The fellow will spend 75% or more time working in research. The fellow will work collaboratively on research projects conducted through the Center for Drug Information and Evidence-Based Practice with a focus on natural medicines, dietary supplements and alternative health practices.  

A variety of research opportunities are available in the areas of meta-analysis and systematic review, drug information and medication policy, scholarship of teaching and learning, and others.  

The fellow may also have the opportunity to work with researchers outside the center including those in the Cardiac Center, the Osteoporosis Research Center, or in other Creighton University-affiliated centers and laboratories.  

The Fellow will complete a minimum of two independent research projects and well as serve as a co-investigator on other research projects with Center faculty.  

The fellow will gain experience developing grant proposals, research project proposals, project planning and implementation, data collection and analysis, and development of scholarly manuscripts. 

Drug Information Consultation Service 

The fellow will become a competent practitioner in the area of drug information clinical practice by participating in the day-to-day operations and management of the drug information consultation service. This is a core competency that is emphasized throughout the duration of the program. 

The fellow will provide evidence-based drug information consultations to healthcare professionals, working independently or collaboratively with Doctor of Pharmacy rotation students. This experience requires the fellow to become proficient in evaluating and synthesizing large bodies of medical literature, complex medical decision making, and making clinical recommendations.  

A thorough understanding and skill in literature evaluation and evidence-based practice principles is required for this experience. 

Medication Policy / Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee Support  

The fellow will have the opportunity to be involved in pharmacy and therapeutics committee support work with affiliated institutions and other organizations. 

Teaching and Education  

Teaching is a core component of the fellowship in natural medicines research. The fellow will receive an academic appointment as Instructor of Pharmacy Practice. The fellow will provide extensive advanced experiential training to Doctor of Pharmacy students during their required drug information rotation.  

The fellow will also have opportunities to teach in a didactic setting in for the course Literature Evaluation & Evidence-Based Practice and other courses. 

Fellowship Location and Benefits

The fellowship program is housed in the Center for Drug Information and Evidence-Based Practice at Creighton University. This facility is located next to the school's Dispensing and Patient Care Lab and Center for Medication Therapy Management. 

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students and instructor at table

Required Training Programs and Certificates

Teaching Certificate 

The teaching certificate is a longitudinal program to help develop foundational skills in curriculum development and teaching. 

 Evidence-Based Practice Certificate 

The fellow will complete the evidence-based practice certificate through the Center for Drug Information and Evidence-Based Practice.  

The program is intended to provide the foundational knowledge for evidence-based medical decision-making including modules covering biostatistics, hypothesis testing, research design, developing a research protocol, and conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis. 

Natural Medicines Research Fellowship Qualifications and Application Requirements 


  • The fellow should hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree before the start of the program and be eligible for licensure in Nebraska.  
  • Previous pharmacy work experience or a residency in pharmacy practice is preferred, but not required. 
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate proficiently in writing and verbally is required. 

How to Apply 

Submit by email or regular mail a letter of intent, CV, three (3) letters of recommendation and Doctor of Pharmacy degree transcripts to: 

Darren J. Hein, PharmD 
Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice 
Center for Drug Information and Evidence-Based Practice 
School of Pharmacy and Health Professions 
Creighton University 
2500 California Plaza 
Omaha, NE 68178  

Applications submitted by February 1 will be given priority review and consideration for a remote interview. Applications submitted after February 1 will be considered on a rolling basis

  • Stipend/Benefits: $45,000 annually plus health benefits 
  • Academic Appointment: Instructor of Pharmacy Practice 

Contact Us

Darren J. Hein, PharmD 
Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice 
Center for Drug Information and Evidence-Based Practice 
School of Pharmacy and Health Professions