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Requests: Diplomas, Name/Address Change

Replacement/Duplicate Diploma Policy and Instructions

At the time you complete your degree*, and once all your financial obligations to Creighton University have been met, the University will provide you with a diploma.

In the case that your diploma** is lost or destroyed, you may request a replacement.  The fee for a replacement is $50. The replacement document will look like the current Creighton diploma and include the signatures of current officials.

Click here for a Diploma Replacement request form. The completed form must be signed. Submit the form along with a $50.00 check or money order payable to Creighton University by mail or you may contact the Student Records Financial Services Office at 402-280-1110 to make a credit card payment. Attach the completed form and payment receipt and email

Certified Copy of Diploma Instructions

Creighton keeps unofficial copies of only the professional degree diplomas --Medicine, Dental, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy and Health Professions--on file for providing certified copies for credentialing purposes.

Click here for a form to request a Certified copy of your diploma

Submit either of these completed forms to:

Registrar's Office
Creighton University
Old Gym, Suite 230
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178

Contact the Registrar's Office with questions: 402-280-2702 or

*Creighton University confers degrees three times per year: May, August, and December.
**This above process pertains to Certificates awarded by the university.

Note: A diploma should not be used as the standard for verifying an earned degree. A transcript or verification from our office [via phone, letter, or the Student Clearinghouse verification] is the official means of providing proof of graduation. If an organization has a question about verifying your degree, please have them contact our office at 402-280-2702.

Legal Name Change Form

Address Change Form

Preferred First Name Policy

Creighton University allows students to provide a preferred first name which differs from their legal first name. The preferred first name does not alter the legal name on the student's educational record, including the official transcript. Students may indicate their preferred name on the application for admission, or at any time by submitting to the Registrar's Office a completed Preferred First Name Request form.

Allowable Name Formats

Allowable name formats include, but are not limited to:

  • A shortened derivative of a name (e.g., "Sue" for "Susan")
  • A middle name instead of a first name
  • First and middle initials (e.g., "A.J." for "Andrew John")
  • An anglicized name (e.g., "Peter" instead of "Xingyu")
  • A name that better represents the individual's gender identity
  • A name to which the individual is in the process of legally changing

Creighton University will not accept a preferred first name that is vulgar or offensive, obscene, fanciful, or creates confusion of the individual with another person. The Provost or her/his designee has final approval.

Preferred First Name is included on:

  • Class lists
  • Grade rosters
  • Unofficial transcript

Legal First Name is used in:

  • Official transcript
  • Degree verifications
  • Enrollment verification
  • Degree Works
  • Financial Aid
  • Federal and State Agency reporting