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Programs Include: Sociology, Criminal Justice, Justice & Peace Studies, Social Work, Health Administration & Policy, Cultural Anthropology, and Medical Anthropology.

Department of Cultural and Social Studies

James T. Ault, III

(Click picture for article.) Professor James T. Ault, III passed away on April 26, 2017 after a 45-year career at Creighton. He is pictured above with two of his mentees, Sharon Tighe-Dolan BS'17, and her mom Debra Tighe-Dolan, BS '03. Both Sharon and Debra were recipients of the Jack D. Angus Award for Outstanding Sociology Major.

Congratulations Seniors!

The Department of Cultural and Social Studies is proud to congratulate all of our senior class on their many achievements as Creighton students. As we move forward uncertainly into this new normal, we want to take time and give space to celebrate you. We dedicate the "2020 Seniors" pages to you, recognizing each of our majors and minors. We congratulate the many award winners in our programs with "Senior Awards" and honor achievements of our new and graduating "Honor Society" members. Each of you has given so much to the department and to Creighton, and we are honored to have spent time supporting, challenging, and mentoring you. Thank you for all you have given and cheers to setting the world on fire!

Creighton University

Our Mission

The Department of Cultural and Social Studies houses the disciplines of sociology, cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, and criminal justice as well as the independent interdisciplinary programs of Social Work, Health Administration and Policy, and Justice and Peace Studies. We strive to achieve the unique goals and objectives for each of our areas of study while also reflecting the goals of Creighton's Jesuit Catholic mission. We as faculty are dedicated to research, teaching and service. 

Our special contribution to student centered learning is increasing our students' awareness of society and culture as contexts that shape the quality of human life. All of our programs aim to develop students as agents of social change through close collaboration in student research, service and learning.  We are an integrated department, assisting students as they prepare for a variety of careers. 

Our Programs


Whatever you want to become, think about how crucial it is for you to understand how individuals interact, how groups like family and school affect our lives, and how social systems help or hinder us.

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Criminal Justice

Major in Criminal Justice.

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Cultural Anthropology

The cultural anthropology major and minor offer a holistic understanding of human diversity.

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Medical Anthropology

If you are passionate about health, illness, and healthcare in a culturally diverse and ever-dynamic world, Medical Anthropology is a great fit for you.

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Social Work

Our Social Work Program trains students to be professionals in the field and live out the Jesuit mission in action every day.

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Justice and Peace Studies

This interdisciplinary program uniquely helps students develop and live a strong “faith that does justice” in the Catholic, Jesuit tradition.

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Health Administration and Policy

The Creighton undergraduate HAP program exists to enable graduates to promote healthcare organizations that are just and that put patients first.

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Global Health Equity

This minor provides a biosocial framework for the study of Global Health.

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