Online ESL Resources for Students


Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Listening activities for all levels, including TOEFL-type practice: Multiple-choice and cloze exercises, transcripts, and pre- and post-listening activities. A few exercises offer slideshows, too.

VOA Special English - With a vocabulary of 1500 words, spoken in short, simple sentences with no idioms, at about two-thirds the speed of standard English, the broadcasts include ten-minute news segments.  They feature science, development, agriculture, environment, news events, American idioms or culture, history, medicine, space, important people, and short stories.

National Public Radio - includes a huge number of articles, photographs, and sound files from a variety of non-commercial radio programs

The English Listening Lounge - 30 free exercises for beginning through advanced students.

TED Talks - Fascinating videotaped talks from experts on a wide variety of topics - highly recommended for advanced learners.

Voice of America - Here you can listen to news and features.


Longman's Dictionary - online dictionary with both British and American pronunciation, definitions, and example sentences. 

Academic Word List Vocabulary Exercises - includes pronunciation, definitions, and multiple choice exercises for the Academic Word List and various categories of English vocabulary - includes grammar and vocabulary puzzles from basic to advanced, crossword puzzles, and many bilingual exercises

ESL Desk - includes vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and reading practice and quizzes

General English Vocabulary Exercises

Speaking / Pronunciation

Presentation Tips for Non-Native Speakers

American English Pronunciation Practice - From "Interesting Things for ESL Students" by Charles I. Kelly.  Practice minimal pairs, songs, and tongue twisters.

English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction  (podcasts)

Accent Reduction and Communication Skills training (videos)

Reading & Writing

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue - a great site for information on General Writing, Research & Citation, Subject-Specific Writing, and ESL.

English Language Centre Study Zone - From the University of British Columbia. Click on an ability level to find Grammar, Reading, and Writing exercises.

Interactive Learning Resources - Vocabulary and comprehension exercises based on CNN News stories you can read and listen to. (California Distance Learning Project)

Literacy Network Learning Resources - More advanced vocabulary and comprehension exercises based on CNN News stories you can read and listen to. (Western/Pacific Literacy Network)

Writing DEN - Articles with photographs and sound files, accompanied by vocabulary, comprehension, and notetaking questions at the word, sentence, and paragraph levels.


A Guide to Grammar and Writing - Explanations and exercises by Professor Charles Darling of the Capital Community College in Hartford, Connecticut.

Grammar Links for ESL Students - many links for self-study quizzes,games for grammar and vocabulary - grammar and vocabulary quizzes from easy to difficult

Idioms & Slang Expressions

ESL Idiom Page - (Dave's ESL Cafe)

Idiom, Phrasal Verbs, and Slang Quizzes for ESL Students - (Internet TESL Journal)

The Phrasal Verb Page - (By Dennis Oliver, from Dave's ESL Cafe)

Commonly-Used American Slang - (By Charles and Lawrence Kelly, Interesting Things for ESL Students)


Free keyboarding practice site

Fee-based keyboarding practice site - 60-day free trial; $25 student access fee

Resources for Pharmacy Students

Pharmacy and Pharmacology Resources from U.C. San Francisco

Pronunciation of drug names

Merck Manual