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Phoenix Rehabilitation Research Laboratories

The Creighton University Physical Therapy Department in Phoenix is committed to advancing movement science and the profession of physical therapy through the production of high quality, clinically applicable, rehabilitation research.  The department and it’s faculty are also committed to training and inspiring the next generations of clinician scientists.

Two research laboratories, totaling approximately 3000 sq.ft., have been incorporated into the design of the new Phoenix Health Sciences Campus.  The space is designed to be flexible and support a wide spectrum of faculty, student, and clinician research. 

The laboratories contain the following state-of-the-art resources to capture and analyze a wide array of data relevant to rehabilitation science including:

  • Robotic Body Weight Support System (ZeroG)
  • Force Platforms (Bertec)
  • Isokinetic Dynamometer (HUMAC NORM)
  • Multichannel Surface Electromyography Systems (Delsys)
  • Motion Capture Systems (Qualisys)
  • Wearable Sensor Systems (APDM)
  • Treadmills (Bertec, Woodway)
  • Ultrasound Imaging (GE)
  • Metabolic Cart (Cosmed)