Virtual Slide Scanner

VS120 Virtual Slide Scanner

VS120 Virtual Slide Scanner

The VS120-S6-W slide loader system allows for manually loading one and up to six standard slides, along with any associated meta-data.

The VS120 can create high resolution brightfield images and can also scan in full multi-fluorescence mode.

Utilizing virtual microscopy for Fluorescence imaging helps to minimize problems associated with damaging and fading of sensitive fluorescence samples.

An innovative new algorithm makes image stitching more precise than ever, enabling high-level accuracy that can be applied from small animal brain slices to large specimens.

The VS120 also switches seamlessly between micro and macro observation to enable swift viewing of regions of interest and overall structures alike.

To optimize scan speed and efficiency, the VS-ASW generates a focus map using the software-based autofocus function.

The VS120 comes standard with Olympus 2X, 10X, 20X, 40X objectives.

The available filters are DAPI, FITC, TRITC, and CY5 for fluorescence.

OlyVIA Desktop is a dedicated viewer software for Windows PCs. It is suitable for the viewing of VS120 virtual slide images. Software Free OlyVIA 2.9 Viewer Download the free viewer software for virtual slide images via Software Download Page.

Image analysis software and tools are available also.


Arranging Use of the Slide Scanner


Initial Training

Free (1-2 hrs.)

Further Training








All users wishing to independently operate the VS 120 Slide Scanner must complete initial training.

Contact Toni Howard to request initial training. 

Sign up in the Core Lab on the Reservation Form Binder located next to the machine.

The billing form must be returned prior to microscope usage. Creighton users are required to supply Fund and Organization numbers for billing. Users will be billed monthly.

Contact Sarah Taylor at 402-280-3704 if questions regarding the billing.

Data transfer and storage will be arranged on an individual basis.




All trained users will receive information regarding how to generate a reservation system account and may then book their own time on the slide scanner using the online Reservation System.