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Scheduled InfoEd Upgrade and Associated System Downtime

The Creighton University InfoEd system will be upgraded from May 7-9, 2021. InfoEd will be unavailable during the upgrade. If you have questions or concerns about grants, contact Sponsored Programs Administration at or 402-280-2064. For questions about IRB, contact Rosa Seiffert at or 402-280-3074. After the upgrade, you may notice changes to some of the InfoEd screens. Instructions will be updated as necessary.

Access InfoEd

Creighton University has implemented the InfoEd electronic research administration system for research functions across campus, including grant applications and IRB protocols

Access InfoEd at

Grant Proposals

For instructions and information about submitting a grant proposal, see the Sponsored Programs Administration InfoEd page.


For instructions and information on submitting an IRB protocol, see the IRB InfoEd page.