Honors Program

Honors Program

Have Questions about the Creighton Honors Program?

If you have any questions about the Honors curriculum or academic advising, feel free to contact the Honors Program Director, Dr. Jeffrey Hause, or Assistant Director, Dr. Lydia Cooper.

If you have questions about life in the freshmen Honors community on Swanson 9, student life on Creighton's campus in general, your prospective major, or what being an Honors student entails, please send an email to info@honorsboard.com. Your email will be promptly directed to a student or faculty member able to answer your questions.

About Creighton Honors

Rooted in the university’s Christian, Catholic, and Jesuit traditions, the new Honors Program relies on the belief, articulated by Pope John Paul II, that “the united endeavor of intelligence and faith will enable people to come to the full measure of their humanity.” Its goal is to foster a community committed to the ongoing education of students and faculty members as fellow seekers for truth. The program seeks individuals of all faiths and backgrounds who are intelligent, well prepared academically, highly motivated, and academically adventurous. The curriculum then immerses these students in an academically rigorous but flexible program of study guided by a faculty mentor who is charged with paying special attention to the personal dimension of learning. The program ultimately understands itself as a fellowship of inquiry whose individual members have dedicated themselves without reserve to love of learning.

Research PhotoThe program is designed for talented imaginative students desirous of participation in small, discussion-oriented classes and in courses on interdisciplinary and topical issues. It provides students with special opportunities and challenges to enhance their undergraduate experience and to contribute to the intellectual and cultural life of the University. The program also offers eligible students the opportunity to pursue a course of study that complements her or his major.


Why Honors?

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Honors Day Student Presentation (sciences)

Honors Day Student Presentation (humanities)

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