Honors Program

Honors Program

Message from the Director

Dr. Jeffrey HauseThe day I became Director of the Creighton Honors Program was among the most exciting in my life.  I had already been part of the Honors team for six years, and I had seen first-hand that honors education is undergraduate education at its finest: exciting, lively classes that explore topics deeply and from multiple perspectives, in which students feel encouraged and empowered to take charge of discussion.  What made me fall in love with Honors, however, was its dynamic and supportive community.  This community is alive and always changing with the ideas and contributions of each new class.  What never changes, however, is the support students receive.  Not only can they rely on professors, research supervisors, advisors, and mentors to provide opportunities and experiences in research, leadership, and service, but they can also depend on each other for the mutual encouragement that makes possible the amazing successes our students achieve at Creighton and beyond.  Creighton Honors students' experiences have been, and will be, transformed into deeds that set the world on fire.

-- Dr. Jeffrey Hause

Have Questions about the Creighton Honors Program?

If you would like to know more about Honors courses, community and student achievements, click here to watch a short video.

If you have any questions about the Honors curriculum or academic advising, feel free to contact the Honors Program Director Dr. Jeffrey Hause, or Associate Director, Dr. Erin Averett.

If you have questions about life in the freshmen Honors community on Swanson 9, student life on Creighton's campus in general, your prospective major, or what being an Honors student entails, please send an email to info@honorsboard.com. Your email will be promptly directed to a student or faculty member able to answer your questions.

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About Creighton Honors

Rooted in the university's Christian, Catholic, and Jesuit traditions, the Honors Program relies on the belief, articulated by Pope John Paul II, that the united endeavor of intelligence and faith will enable people to come to the full measure of their humanity. Its goal is to foster a community committed to the ongoing education of students and faculty members as fellow seekers for truth. The program seeks individuals of all faiths and backgrounds who are intelligent, well prepared academically, highly motivated, and academically adventurous. The curriculum then immerses these students in an academically rigorous but flexible program of study guided by a faculty mentor who is charged with paying special attention to the personal dimension of learning. The program ultimately understands itself as a fellowship of inquiry whose individual members have dedicated themselves without reserve to love of learning.

 The program is designed for talented imaginative    students desirous of participation in small,        discussion-oriented classes and in courses on    interdisciplinary and topical issues. It provides     students with special opportunities and challenges to enhance their undergraduate experience and to contribute to the intellectual and cultural life of the University. The program also offers eligible students the opportunity to pursue a course of study that complements her or his major.

Several Honors Inductees to Esteemed Honors Societies

Congratulations to the many Honors students who were inducted into Alpha Sigma Nu and Pi Beta Kappa!

Alpha Sigma Nu, the honor society of Jesuit colleges and universities, welcomed Michael Barry, Emilia Berni, Noah Brady, Mason Halouska, Andrea Laudi, Sonnie Lee, Brady Manker, Erika Ruhnke, Robyn Scott, Carina Harrison, Kaitlin Carlson, Molly Carrig, Bailey Hassman, Hannah O'Hagan, Hanna Pulverenti, and Lauren Richards.

Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest honor society for the liberal arts and sciences, inducted juniors Michael Barry, Hannah Pulverenti, Erika Ruhnke, Robyn Scott, Athena Strother, and seniors Kate Albrecht, Nancy He, Nicolas Kuttner, Alison Mause, and Lauren Richards.

If you see these students tell them congratulations!

Awards & Scholarships for Honors Students

Many Honors students receive top recognition from the university and the College of Arts & Sciences.

Molly CarrigMargaret (Molly) Carrig was named Honors Student of the Year by the National Collegiate Honors Council! This honor is awarded to a student for exemplifying the ideals of honors education and commitment to honors education at the local and national levels. The National Collegiate Honors Council comprises nearly 900 member institutions enrolling over 300,000 honors students.

Read: Carrig Recognized by National Collegiate Honors Council, Habitat for Humanity of Omaha

Creighton sophomore Noah Keime, who is majoring in biology and studio art, is among 16 student interns across the nation chosen by NASA to give artistic expression to the space agencyís planned exploration of the asteroid. Itís one of NASAís top missions, and NASA has asked the nationís top student talent to give it artistic expression.

Read: Creighton Sophomore Chosen for Out-of-This-World Project

A huge congratulations to our own Samantha Stoupa, one of two winners of The 2018 Spirit of Creighton Award! This is the highest honor given to an undergraduate student at the May Commencement, and we are so proud of her, and to have such an inspiring young woman represent Creighton Honors. Stoupa, a biochemistry major, was very involved and served as our 2017-18 student board President. She will be attending Creighton Medical School this fall.

 Congratulations to sophomores Mark May and Molly Carrig for being selected as the Honors Program's new scholars in the Consideration Public Conservation Initiative! You can access their public talks and those given by alumni on our Consideration website.


Honors students Kathy Marinelli and Mason Rhodes were awarded the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship for 2017 and 2018. Marinelli brings the Honors Programís Goldwater Scholars to 19 in the last 15 years, making Creighton Honors one of the nation's premier producers of Goldwater Scholars.


Caity Ewers and Daniel Poston, both of Creighton's 2016 graduating class, were selected recipients of the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Senior award for 2016!

Ewers (left) and Poston (right) were both active   members of the Honors Program Student Advisory Board during their time here at Creighton. They both also presented impressive research in their fields of study- Art History and Latin for Ewers and    Biochemistry for Poston.

The Outstanding Senior Award is conferred annually at May commencement by the College of Arts and Sciences on outstanding undergraduate students    who have excelled during their time at Creighton University. Recipients are selected on the basis of their initiative, enterprise, academic achievement


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