How to Apply for Your Degree/Graduation/Commencement

Creighton University Commencement

Official Commencement website

ATTN: GRADUATES - Apply for Graduation through the NEST.


Future Commencement Dates and Deadlines

Graduation Dates and Application Deadlines 

Official Commencement website

STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE: In order for your degree to be conferred and/or to participate in a graduation ceremony, you MUST submit your "Degree Application and Graduation Participation" by the deadline:

May candidates - February 15

August candidates - March 15 or June 15 if not participating in commencement

December candidates - March 15 if participating in commencement prior to completion or October 15 if participating in commencement following completion or not participating

To apply go to: Student Login/Student Services/Student Records/Degree Application and Graduation Participation via the NEST.

If questions, please contact Dana in the Registrar's Office at 402.280.2675 or

Commencement is held annually in May. Students who complete their degrees in the Spring Semester are expected to be present at Commencement to receive their degrees. Students who complete their degree programs in the Fall Semester may attend Commencement in May following completion or in the preceding May if approved by their Dean. Students who complete their degree requirements during the Summer are encouraged to attend Commencement the preceding May (if approved by their Dean) or may attend the May Commencement following completion.  Diplomas of August and December graduates will be mailed upon confirmation of the completion of all degree requirements by the respective Dean. 

The respective Deans of the Schools and Colleges of the University have the responsibility for approving candidates for graduation.

NOTE: A student may participate in only one Commencement ceremony for each degree granted.