Residential Hall Mail Services

Residence Halls Hours of Operation and Points of Contact

Mon-Fri 10am - 2pm

Mon-Fri 10am - 2pm

McGloin Hall                     Mon-Fri 10am - 2pm

(402) 280-1776

(402) 280-1776

(402) 280-1776


Saturday deliveries are accepted at Kenefick, Heider, Opus, and Davis. These deliveries must be FedEx overnight packages with Saturday delivery selected.

Saturday deliveries are not accepted at Deglman, Gallagher, Kiewit, McGloin, and Swanson.

Mail and packages are delivered to all residence halls Monday-Friday during normal business hours.

If you have questions or concerns regarding mailings, please contact the mail clerk in your residential hall. Contact Mail Services as a second alternative.

Mail Services
(402) 280-1776

Please use the format below for all correspondence, including family and friends, to ensure your mail and packages are delivered in a timely manner.

FirstName LastName
Res Hall, Creighton University
78ZXXX California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178-ZXXX

Where ZXXX:

Z = Res Hall 1-9 listed alphabetically:

  1. Davis
  2. Deglman
  3. Gallagher
  4. Heider
  5. Kenefick
  6. Kiewit
  7. McGloin
  8. Opus
  9. Swanson

XXX = Mail Box Number

Note to Parents:  When you mail to students and it's necessary to use your name on the mail (using credit cards on line, gift cards, etc.), please use "In care of" student's name, residence hall, and box number.  This will ensure the mail is sorted correctly and quickly.  Mail received without the proper identification cannot be sorted into mail boxes.  Please keep in mind, residence hall mail clerks do not have your name in their location files.