Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities

Faculty Spotlight

Simon Appleford, Ph.D.

With leadership from Professor Appleford, Creighton’s Digital Humanities Initiative and Omaha’s Joslyn Art Museum have established a joint digital initiative that will open the Joslyn’s unique holdings to the public through the use of cutting-edge digital tools, technologies, and approaches.

Digital humanities applies technology to the big questions surrounding the nature of the human condition that have long been the focus of the humanities. This interdisciplinary program embraces a number of disciplinary perspectives, including History, English, Archaeology, Communication Studies, and Computer Science. In taking courses in the digital humanities, you will learn about the history, ethics, and challenges of our new digital culture and how new technologies are changing the world in which we live. You will be exposed to new technologies and work both collaboratively and individually on your own digital projects. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in larger-scale digital projects, both within Creighton and as part of our broader DH community. In studying the digital humanities, you’ll become proficient users of a wide-range of technologies, including:

  • Mapping
  • Text-mining
  • Data visualization
  • Web programming
  • Historical gaming

No previous experience working with digital technologies is required or assumed to be a part of this program and the only prerequisite is a willingness to learn new skills.