Christian Spirituality

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The Master of Arts degree in Christian Spirituality and the Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction and Directed Retreats are a living synthesis of graduate-level study, personal prayer, shared faith and a commitment to apostolic work.

The degree and certificate draw faculty and students from all parts of the United States and several other countries.

The program's more than 800 graduates, including laity, religious, and clergy, attest that Creighton's Spirituality program applies to a wide range of ministries.

A major focus of the program is to prepare students to provide spiritual direction and to give individually-directed retreats in the Ignatian tradition.


Learning Outcomes for Christian Spirituality Program


1.      Graduates will demonstrate mastery of core content in the following fields: Scripture, Church Tradition and Christian heritage, Contemporary theology and psychology with an emphasis on Ignatian Spirituality.
2.      Graduates will demonstrate pastoral program development skills, critical thinking, and effective disciplinary problem-solving in the field of Christian Spirituality and Ignatian Spiritual Direction.
3.      Graduates will demonstrate an apostolic orientation directed toward more effective ministry skills especially toward preparation for giving spiritual direction and directed retreats in an Ignatian format.
4.      Graduates will demonstrate competent, respectful and effective communication of Spirituality in written and oral English.
5.      Graduates will demonstrate learned skills for lifelong deliberation and discernment.
6.      Graduates will demonstrate effective intercultural competency required for meaningful Christian Ministry and Ignatian Spirituality.