POM - Peace of Mind In The Palm Of Your Hand

  • BlueTooth-enabled device paired with smartphone app   

  3 essential functions of emergency call: 911 phone call, geolocation tracking and personal profile info

  Activated with 3 clicks of fob button: no need to carry phone in hand, remove gloves or unlock phone

  Speaker and microphone in rechargeable fob allows user to speak directly to dispatcher

  Exact geolocation transmitted to dispatcher via Internet (mobile data or WiFi) and constantly updated

  Personal profile info, including medical info, transmitted to dispatcher via Internet (mobile data or WiFi)

  • Other Features

  Walking escort sends alert if user doesn't reach intended destination in user-defined time frame

  Secondary alert allows pre-defined text or e-mail to be sent to a friend by holding button for 5 seconds

  Emergency calls made outside campus boundaries go to local 911 dispatcher, anywhere in the United States

  • Undergrads

  Log into the NEST and look for the POM icon under Student Accounts

  $80/device for life of device (partially subsidized by University)

  • Graduate/Professional Students & Faculty/Staff

  Go to http://www.getthepom.com/creighton to order the POM

  $150/device for life of device

The POM is a key-fob sized device that gives you instant access to Creighton University Public Safety or your friends and family... Anytime, Anywhere!

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the POM on a keyring
To get more information on how the POM can increase your security, and on how to get your own POM device, click here.