Mark A. Freitag, PhD
Mark A. Freitag, PhD

Mark A. Freitag, PhD

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Appointments


  • Chemistry and Biochemistry


  • Associate Professor

Publications and Presentations


  • Parsons, B.F., Freitag, M.A. and Warder, H.J. Singlet O2 Produced by Ultraviolet Dissociation of the beta-ionone-O2 Complex, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 125, 8649-8657, 2021
  • Page, T. R., Boots, C. A., Freitag, M. A. Restricted Hartree-Fock SCF Calculations using Microsoft Excel, Journal of Chemical Education, 85, 159-159, 2008
  • Freitag, M. A., Pruden, T. L., Moody, D. R., Parker, James T., Fallet, M. On the keto-enol tautomerization of malonaldehyde: An effective fragment potential study, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 111, 1659-1666, 2007
  • Freitag, M. A., Hillman, B., Agrawal, A., Gordon, M. S. Predicting shielding constants in solution using gauge invariant atomic orbital theory and the effective fragment potential method, Journal of Chemical Physics, 120, 1197-1202, 2004
  • Adamovic, I., M.A. Freitag, M.A., Gordon, M.S. Density Functional Theory Based Effective Fragment Potential Method, Journal of Chemical Physics, 118, 6725-6732, 2003
  • Freitag, M.A., Gordon, M.S. On The Electronic Structure of Bis(η5-cyclopentadienyl)Ti, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 106, 7921-7926, 2002
  • Solling, T.I., Smith, D.M., Radom, L., Freitag, M.A., Gordon, M.S. Towards Multireference Equivalents of the G2 and G3 Methods, Journal of Chemical Physics, 115, 8758-8772, 2001
  • Gordon, M.S., Freitag, M.A., Bandyopadhyay, P., Jensen, J.H., Kairys, V, Stevens, W.J. The Effective Fragment Potential Method: A QM-Based MM Approach to Modeling Environmental Effects in Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 105, 293-307, 2000
  • Freitag, M.A., Gordon, M.S., Jensen, J.H., Stevens, W.J. Evaluation of charge penetration between distributed multipolar expansions, Journal of Chemical Physics, 112, 7300-7312, 2000

Research and Scholarship

Grant Funding Received

  • Research Corporation: Cottrell College Science Award

Awards and Honors

  • Dean's Award for Professional Excellence in Tenure-Track Teaching, Creighton College of Arts and Sciences, 2008