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When you major in English at Creighton, you choose a pathway to English studies that you can use to your benefit in a range of ways. A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English gives you a solid foundation for careers and leadership roles in many professional fields, including law, medicine, administration, research, education, writing, business, public and foreign service, and many others.

Your experience will encompass a wide range of critical perspectives. You’ll not only learn about linguistics, rhetoric and composition, but also explore the literature of other nations, both in English and in translation.

Committed and inspirational faculty members encourage and enable you to foster your writing, communication, creative and analytical skills. You will cultivate a detailed understanding of literature and culture, a broad perspective on human issues, and an approach to work and human interactions based on the Jesuit values of social justice and commitment to service.

English Minor

A minor in English is a wonderful complement to many majors in the sciences and humanities. Your English classes are flexible and provide a strong training in essential academic and professional skills, including critical analysis and writing. For more details including course requirements, please visit the catalog.

Film Studies

Film Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that gives you an appreciation of film as an expressive art form, with emphasis on film history, criticism, theory, aesthetics and narrative techniques.


Graduates with Creighton’s BA in English regularly go to law and medical school. In fact, surveys show that law and medical schools prefer English majors to many others. Others go to graduate school in English studies and creative writing, but also begin fulfilling careers almost any field that requires strong skills in communication, analysis and creativity. Our English graduates can be found in:

  • Primary and secondary education
  • Journalism
  • Publishing
  • Public Relations
  • Law

Graduate Studies

English graduates pursue a variety of postgraduate programs:

  • MA in English with specializations in literature, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, and teaching
  • 5-10% go into graduate studies
  • 10-15% go to law school
  • 10-15% enter other professional schools such as medicine or dentistry


  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • English Education
  • Rhetoric and Composition

A Teacher Certificate is also available.

What You'll Learn

  • Critical-thinking skills
  • An appreciation for language and literature
  • How to communicate and express yourself through the written word


Student Organizations

  • Sigma Tau Delta

    Sigma Tau Delta is the National English Honor Society, an active group of service-oriented students with a wide variety of interests.


Internship opportunities in English are possible. Students interested in internships should contact the chair of the Department of English.

Admissions Requirements

Learn about general admissions requirements for Creighton University or how to transfer credits to Creighton.

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Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's program

If you see graduate school in your future, why not start sooner? Get a head start on your MA in English while finishing up your bachelor’s degree.

Interested in teaching in secondary education? Start your graduate studies earlier with a Master of Education in Secondary School Teaching and get a head start in your teaching preparation.

Learn how to save a year of time and tuition through our Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s programs.

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