Justice and Peace Studies (Minor)

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Creighton’s minor in justice and peace studies features multidisciplinary courses that integrate community-service-learning, social analysis and reflection in the context of a faith that seeks justice and a more peaceful world. It seeks to “educate the whole person of solidarity for the real world,” in the words of Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, former superior general of the Jesuits.

Students who choose or plan to live in the Cortina Community, a service-centered living and learning community on campus, may find this academic component rounds out their Creighton experience especially well.


Admissions Requirements

  • A student may not declare a minor until he or she has been accepted into a major. Students declare minors with the minor declaration form.
  • Eighteen credits of coursework are required to complete a minor. Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.00 in courses toward the minor.
  • If you have not yet applied to Creighton, visit Admissions.

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