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Shuttle Information

General Shuttle Information

Campus shuttle service provides faculty, staff, students, and visitors with safe and convenient transportation to most sites on campus up to 19 1/2 hours a day. Two routes, the East shuttle and the West shuttle, run concurrently to link all corners of the campus with most destinations in between. The Burt St. shuttle transports employees and students to and from parking lots bordering Burt Street. 

Campus shuttle service runs during the undergraduate school year and is off for all undergraduate breaks and holidays.

Shuttles remain in contact with Public Safety personnel to provide extra "eyes and ears" while they are on their routes, reporting any suspicious activity.

Should you need to determine the location of a shuttle late at night, please call Public Safety at 402-280-2104.

The shuttles are inspected and checked after each shift and are fully serviced once a month to ensure your safety.

The shuttle drivers are interviewed and hired on the three "c's" - competency, courtesy, and caring. Not only are they trained in safe driving habits, but are monitored for safety, performance, and customer satisfaction.

The C.U.M.C (plate RLM916) shuttle is a 14 passenger 2008 Ford converted E350 XLT.

The East (plate RLM910) and West (plate RLM908) shuttles are 2008 and 2015 E 450 24 and 24 passenger conversions.

Small 12 passenger shuttle, plate number RLM914 (Wheel Chair Lift) and Small 14 passenger shuttle, plate number RLM915 are 2008 Ford Converted E350 XLT.

The Burt St. shuttle (RLM911) is a 24-passenger E 450 Ford.