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University Shuttle Service Policy

This policy has been developed to define standards of conduct regarding the use of the University shuttle service vehicles.


  • It is the policy of Creighton University to exercise prudence and wisdom in the use of vehicular equipment in order to provide safe transportation for University faculty, staff, students and visitors.
  • The shuttle service is intended for use by the campus community to support the daily routine of an educational institution.
  • Creighton University reserves the right to refuse services to an individual or to a location which may jeopardize the safety of other faculty, staff, students, visitors or University equipment.

Applies to all University-owned and operated shuttles.

General Information
Campus shuttle service provides faculty, staff, students and visitors with safe and convenient transportation to most sites on campus up to 19 1/2 hours a day. Two buses, the east shuttle and the west shuttle, run concurrently to link all corners of the campus with most destinations in between. A third bus transports employees and students from campus parking lots. Drivers remain in contact with Public Safety personnel to provide extra "eyes and ears" while they are on their routes, reporting any suspicious activity. A free taxi ride is available to on campus locations from 11pm until 2am Daily.

Administration and Interpretation
This policy is administered by the Shuttle Office. Questions regarding policy, operations, or schedules should be directed to the Director of Transportation.

Amendments or Termination of this Policy
Creighton University reserves the right to modify, amend, or terminate this policy at any time.