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8-Day Directed Silent Ignatian Retreat FAQ

8-Day Directed Silent Ignatian Retreat FAQ

The 8-Day Directed Silent Ignatian Retreat is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola which has profoundly influenced the lives of countless people since the sixteenth century. There are as many reasons to go on this retreat as there are people who attend it. Some of the reasons others have made this retreat include: wanting to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, desiring to spend quality time in prayer and reflection, wanting to learn more about yourself in relationship to God and to others, preparing to make a significant decision, and responding to the movement of the Spirit.

Here are some particulars:

The retreatant is usually expected to prepare simple meals for themselves during the retreat, but may wish to partake of the meals provided by our kitchen if a group retreat is running at the same time. An efficiency kitchenette is available for your use in your apartment, which has a living area, private bath, and sleeping quarters. Walking trails (unmaintained) are available on our 157 wooded acres & some run along the Nishnabotna River. Wildlife and song birds abound, and we have an awesome night sky. Please bring comfortable clothes, walking shoes, your favorite copy of Scripture and a notebook.

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Creighton University Retreat Center
16493 Contrail Ave.
Griswold, IA 51535

Phone: 712.778.2466

Private retreats can be scheduled with or without direction sessions.
Before your arrival, please review these details about the Creighton University Retreat Center.