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Housing FAQs

The Residential Life and Housing Office makes every effort to give students the preferences marked on their housing application. Students desiring to live together must both request each other on their housing applications.

In Kiewit, Swanson, Deglman, Heider, McGloin, and Kenefick, all rooms are considered double occupancy. Private rooms are offered at an additional cost only if space is available. As for Opus Hall and Davis Square, all apartments have private bedrooms.

The New Student Orientation team will provide information on dates you can move in. For final information, please refer to the information you will receive via email during the summer.

No. We ask that you adhere to the dates provided in the materials you will receive. Only those in programs/groups with an early start date may move in early.

Yes. 100% of our residence halls and apartment buildings are air-conditioned for your comfort.

No. All of our residence hall rooms have loft-able furniture. When you arrive, beds will be lofted. The beds are easy to loft and un-loft as needed. We do not allow homemade lofts or third-party lofts.

Creighton permits microwave ovens, small refrigerators (less than 6 cubic feet), TVs, stereos, DVD players, gaming consoles, etc. Anything with open heating elements (such as George Forman grills, hot plates, etc.) are prohibited for fire safety reasons.

All of our beds are twin beds with extra-long mattresses.

No. All of our residence halls and apartments are 100% smoke-free, as well as our campus.

Students have a mailbox in their hall or apartment where they live. Mailboxes are generally assigned within the first few days upon move-in. If you have questions related directly to mail, contact mail services at 402.280.3002.

All residence halls and apartments have a laundry room for students to use. Creighton’s laundry rooms take both coins and student ID cards for payment.

No. There is no storage space available on-campus for student use.

While renter’s insurance is not required, we recommend purchasing a plan through our partner, GradGuard.

Contact Information

Housing and Auxiliary Services
Swanson Hall 136