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Ignatian Tradition (Graduate Certificate)

Immerse yourself in the core principles of a Jesuit education through Creighton University’s Graduate Certificate in Ignatian Tradition. In this program, you’ll study the teachings of St. Ignatius, take an in-depth look at the values on which he founded the order of the Society of Jesus, and walk in his shoes via the Ignatian Pilgrimage course.

Creighton offers guaranteed discounts to help support and encourage students to deepen their knowledge of Ignatian Tradition. See tuition and fees section below for more details.

Ignatian Pilgrimage is the final course of the program. In this course, you’ll travel to the Ignatian places in northern Spain, Paris, and Rome. As you complete your pilgrimage, you’ll learn to incorporate the elements of personal prayer and self-reflection into your personal and professional life through the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius.

Learn more about Ignatian values

As a Jesuit institution, Creighton University incorporates the teachings of St. Ignatius into all facets of university life. Our faculty develop programs designed to teach the whole person and develop students as individuals. Professors expect and encourage excellence—all for the purpose of molding students into changemakers with a passion for social justice.

Broaden your horizons and deepen your spirituality

The Graduate Certificate in Ignatian Tradition takes just 9 credit hours to earn. You can take two of the classes online. The third, the Ignatian Pilgrimage, takes place abroad. If you’re ready to reignite your spirituality, take a few months to earn a certificate that can inspire your faith and further your career in Jesuit schools and organizations.

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Your Ignatian pilgrimage will take you to northern Spain, Paris, and Rome
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Creighton University awards ignatian tradition students 50% tuition discount. Apply and automatically receive.

The Jesuit identity is the core of Creighton’s practices. Students engage with the community by promoting inclusion and service.

Program Details

Not accepting applications at this time.

The Graduate Certificate in Ignatian Tradition is ideal for those employed in a Jesuit institution such as a university, high school, or other organization. It is also beneficial to anyone who wishes to better understand Jesuit values and deepen their spiritual connection with Christ.

To earn this certificate, you must complete 9 credits:

  • Theology of Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius (offered online and on campus)
  • History of the Ignatian Tradition (offered online and on campus)
  • Ignatian Pilgrimage (travel course)


Creighton University's Theology Department faculty has a number of scholars and teachers who are nationally and internationally recognized for their excellence in teaching and research. The Graduate Certificate in Ignatian Tradition draws on this body of faculty to develop spiritual leaders in the Jesuit tradition.

Additional Certificate & Master's Degree Options

Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction and Directed Retreats (18 credits)

  • Ideal for someone with a strong background in theology, this graduate certificate helps students develop ministerial skills and attitudes. Several of the core courses of the Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality program are included as part of this program.
  • Credits earned for this graduate certificate can be applied toward a Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality degree.
  • Classes are offered online and on-campus

Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality (33 credits)

  • The courses required for the Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction and Directed Retreats serve as the foundation for the Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality program. Enrich your understanding of Scripture, the Ignatian tradition, and the Christian faith through our Christian Spirituality master’s program.
  • Classes are offered online and on campus

Admission Requirements

Not accepting applications at this time.

To be considered for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Ignatian Tradition program, applicants must:

  • Complete an application
  • Include an updated curriculum vitae or resume
  • Provide an official transcript from the institution that granted the Bachelor’s degree. Read more about sending transcripts here
  • Submit three letters of recommendation from persons other than friends or family members who can speak to your life of faith and prayer
  • Submit a personal statement of interest in the graduate certificate
  • Possess a valid passport

A personal interview may be requested in addition to the above requirements. The interview may be conducted in-person or virtually.

Due to the specific features and requirements of this program, international students cannot be admitted. Unique situations may be discussed with your enrollment specialist.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Creighton University awards all Ignatian Tradition graduate certificate students a 50% discount on tuition. Tuition rates change in the fall of each year. Visit our financial aid site for more details.

Students must also pay a travel fee, which includes flights, ground transportation to specific sites, rooms, and most meals (no tips included).

Financial Aid
To help make your graduate studies at Creighton University more affordable, we encourage you to file the FAFSA to apply for financial assistance. We also encourage you to apply for available graduate student scholarships and fellowships.

Still have questions? Email or call a friendly financial specialist at 402.280.2731 for any additional questions you may have.

Dates and Deadlines

The table below details the enrollment deadlines and starting dates of courses for the current academic year. If you have any questions about dates, deadlines, or application materials, please contact an enrollment specialist for personalized assistance.




Not currently accepting applications, Feb 23


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