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Room and Board Rates

Creighton’s 2022-2023 Room and Board Rates

See the table below for a full breakdown of the room and board rates at Creighton plus meal plans.

Freshman and sophomore students are required to live on campus. Students from the Omaha area may opt of living on campus, but must live with a parent or guardian. Exceptions to the live on expectation are granted by the Assistant Vice Provost of Housing and Auxiliary Services or their designee.

Room Rates

Hall2022-2023 Semester Rate2022-2023 Full-Year Rate
Traditional Halls  
Standard Double Room and Full Meal Plan for Deglman and Kiewit $5,850$11,830
Suite-Style Halls  
Apartment Halls  
Kenefick - Efficiency$3,715$7,430
Kenefick - One Bed$3,820$7,640
Heider - Double Suite$3,685$7,370
Heider - Small One Bed$3,685$7,370
Heider - Large One Bed$3,820$7,640
Heider - Two Bed$3,725$7,450
Heider - Efficiency$3,715$7,430
Davis - Nine Month$3,850$7,700


Apartment Rates

Hall2022-2023 Monthly Rates2022-2023 Full-Year Rate
Davis - Twelve Month$785$9,420
Opus - Twelve Month$785$9,420


Meal Plans

Dining Plan2022-2023 Semester Rates2022-2023 Full-Year Rate
Traditional Plans  
All Access + $200 Dining Dollars + 5 Guest Passes$2,700$5,400
14 Meals + $600 Dining Dollars + 5 Guest Passes$2,700$5,400
10 Meals + $1,000 Dining Dollars + 5 Guest Passes$2,700$5,400
7 Meals + $750 Dining Dollars + 5 Guest Passes$1,850$3,700
Flex Plans  
Flex 85 + $500 Dining Dollars$1,295$2,590
Flex 65 + $400 Dining Dollars$1,025$2,050

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