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Advanced Standing Program

Advanced Standing Program

We offer a space-available advanced standing program. An application for admission to advanced standing is considered within two distinct categories:

  1. Applicants with one or more years of formal dental education in the United States must formally apply and provide Dental Admission Test scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation.

    In addition to the information demanded of applicants for admission into the first year, applicants for advanced standing must provide a) scores of Part I of the National Board examination if it has been completed and b) a letter from the Dean of the Dental School previously attended attesting that the applicant is in good standing and that he or she is eligible to return to the institution and complete the course of instruction. Transfer students are only admitted into the sophomore year.
  2. Applicants presenting evidence of having completed a formal dental education in a foreign dental school must apply and provide Part I scores of the National Board Examination, transcripts, letters of recommendation and evidence of proficiency in the English language. Foreign graduates accepted into the advanced standing program are admitted into the sophomore year.

    For a foreign dental graduate, there are four basic requirements to be eligible to apply to the space-available Advanced Standing Program:
  • Must possess a Foreign Dental Degree.
  • Must PASS National Board Part I.
  • Must score at least 90 on TOEFL.
  • Must be able to show evidence of having completed a Masters program in a dental discipline at a United States university.

Foreign graduates complete the sophomore and junior year academic curriculum with special clinical requirements. Normally, a student must complete at least two years of dental school education at Creighton University to be eligible for graduation. This is a space available program and there is no guarantee that a vacancy will develop in the sophomore class in any given year. The deadline to apply for the Advanced Standing Program is Feb. 1, 2023, for the term starting in fall of 2023.

Tuition and Fees

Please note that the fee for filing an application for advanced standing is $60. This fee is a non-refundable fee used to offset the cost of compilation and maintenance of advanced standing records. Before applying, please review our tuition and fee details.

To apply for this program, download the advanced standing application (Word document) and carefully follow the instructions below.

Advanced Standing Application

Applicant must complete a two-page Advanced Standing Application. It must be returned to our Admissions Office accompanied by:

  1. a copy of your photograph as indicated on the application (may also be emailed to and
  2. the $60 application fee.

Documentation of Education

Request that the Registrar of each college, university, professional school or other institution of higher learning that you have attended or are attending, to send directly to the Creighton Dental Admissions Office, complete official transcripts of your academic record, regardless of the period of attendance.

Transcripts submitted in a language other than English should be accompanied by a certified translation. Graduates of a foreign dental school must present certified copies of diplomas and certificates.

Recommendation Letters

Please have three letters of recommendation from current basic dental science professors or clinical professors sent to the Creighton Dental Admissions Office. Since in some situations, this request might jeopardize a student’s future at a foreign dental school, letters from undergraduate science professors located in universities in the United States are acceptable, providing the student has completed a course within three years from that professor. If you have not had a non-science instructor, you can substitute that letter with one from an employer, spiritual leader or dentist,

We also request that applicants submit a letter of recommendation from the dean of the dental school previously attended attesting that the applicant is in good standing and that he or she is eligible to return to the institution and complete a formal dental education.

Application Fee

The application for advanced standing must be accompanied by a check for $60 made payable to Creighton University. This fee is non-refundable. No file is complete until the fee has been paid.

Application Status

Creighton University will not assume the responsibility of notifying you of the incomplete status of your application. We recommend that you check back on all the transcripts and recommendations you sent.

Should you have any questions concerning your application or the necessary documents that accompany it, please do not hesitate to contact the Creighton Dental Admissions Office where your advanced standing application will be on file (800.544.5072).