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Creighton Student Sustainability Action Fund

Creighton Student Sustainability Action Fund

The mission of the Creighton Student Sustainability Action Fund (CSSAF) is to contribute to building a culture of sustainability at Creighton University by enabling, supporting, and financing student-driven initiatives that collaboratively tackle interconnected environmental, social, and economic issues.

The CSSAF was launched in Fall 2021 by the Office of Sustainability Programs to provide students with the opportunity to fully live out Creighton's commitment to care for our common home by promoting ecological justice at Creighton and within society at large, which includes advocacy for and implementation of sustainable practices. The CSSAF is funded by gifts, and the CSSAF Governance Committee consisting of five student voting members and six faculty/staff non-voting members review grant applications and determine the allocation of funds. 

Have an idea but need help with your proposal? Reach out to today! We can talk through your proposal idea with you and provide feedback prior to you submitting the proposals. 

Curious about what types of proposals achieve the goals and intentions of the CSSAF? Here are a few ideas to help you get started! Keep in mind that events can be resource-intensive and generate large amounts of waste. We encourage you to be mindful of an event's environmental impacts and have a plan to reduce those impacts by incorporating sustainable practices into your proposal. 

  • A book discussion group or movie screening event
  • A resource-conservation or waste-reduction competition
  • A holiday or seasonally themed event that has a global or sustainability focus
  • A program to educate students about sustainable practices 
  • A make and take or upcycling activity

Previously funded proposals include: GreenJays Energy Reduction Challenge (Spring 2022), Nu Rho Psi Move Out Project (Spring 2022), School of Medicine/Phoenix M1's and M2's Sustainability Week Challenge (Spring 2023), Women's Journey Menstrual Cup Program (Spring 2023), Campus Pollinator Garden (in progress)

Sustainable Creighton

How to Apply

Students wishing to apply for CSSAF grants should complete the online CSSAF Application Form. Please reach out to if you have any questions about the application process. We are happy to meet with you in-person, via Zoom, or by phone to discuss your proposal.

Important Dates

The CSSAF Governance Committee will meet four times during the Spring 2023 semester to discuss proposals and vote on funding. The meetings take place in the Global Engagement Conference Room located on the 3rd floor of Creighton Hall. If you are interested in attending a meeting, just let us know, and we will make sure to have a chair for you!

To be considered for review and funding, applicants must complete the online CSSAF Application Form no later than one week prior to CSSAF meeting. This allows the CSSAF Governance Committee members time to thoroughly review proposals prior to voting. Applications received less than one week prior will be reviewed and considered at the following month's meeting.

Fall 2023 meeting dates and submission deadlines: 
Thursday, September 21, 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. (proposals must be submitted by September 14 to be considered)
Thursday, October 19, 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. (proposals must be submitted by October 12 to be considered)
Thursday, November  16, 9:30 - 10: 30 a.m. (proposals must be submitted by November 9 to be considered)

Have a proposal idea but need assistance? Reach out to

CSSAF Governance Committee Members:

2022-2023 Student Voting Members (Pictured):
(Front row l-r) Emma Yackley, Chantal Portes Estevez, Maddie Soyer, (Back row l-r) Benjamin Kinkor, Bryce Ferguson

2022-2023 Staff/Faculty Non-Voting Members:
Sheri Bacon, Ted Burk, Becky Crowell, Cathy Rupprecht, Danny Steiner, Andrew Baruth 


CSSAF Governance Committee Student Voting Members 2022-2023