Communication Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

If you major in communication studies at Creighton, you will learn how to analyze, craft and evaluate messages and understand communication as an everyday practice that is mindful, purposeful and strategic.

You’ll learn how to ask good questions about problems in our society and how to work through solutions within and across different groups, organizations, relationships and cultures.

Our bachelor’s in communication studies offers students flexibility in the projects, service and internship they choose. In a senior research project, you will complete an internship and reflect on the role of communication in your work, connecting communication with Jesuit values of service and justice.

Majoring in communication studies will prepare you to:

  • Exercise intellectual curiosity every day
  • Go into the world informed by Jesuit values
  • Contribute meaningfully to your community and profession

Minor in Communication Studies

With a minor in communication studies, you will examine communication interpersonal relationships, organizations and public culture. You can develop communication skills and competencies while supplementing other career goals.


Recent Creighton graduates have accepted positions in management, government and education. Many have gone on to graduate and professional programs and report feeling well prepared for study in medicine, dentistry and law.

Graduates of communication studies are versatile employees who can master new concepts quickly and function effectively as members of teams. Many of their skills are highly transferable among careers.

Solid communication skills are one of the best predictors of high-level success, according to a poll of recent college graduates and employers by Peter Hart Research Associates.

What You'll Learn

Communication studies majors learn to:

  • Ascertain the means by which others attempt to persuade
  • Assess the cultures of groups and subgroups
  • Understand relationship development and decay
  • Analyze situations to determine potential consequences of communication
  • Apply their skills to a diverse careers



Communications studies majors have completed a number of unique internship positions through organizations including:

  • ConAgra
  • Salvation Army
  • Creighton Athletic Marketing
  • Down Syndrome Alliance Group
  • Business Ethics Alliance
  • St. Robert Bellarmine Youth Program
  • KVSS Radio
  • Burlington Capital Group
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Target Corporation
  • Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities
  • Omaha Chamber of Commerce
  • Gavilon
  • Nebraska Special Olympics

Research Opportunities

All majors conduct an independent, senior research project for credit. Every year, a number of our students are admitted to present their independent research at professional conferences.

Admissions Requirements

Tuition & Scholarships

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