Who We Are

Who We Are

How to Find Us

Creighton Hall 110

The Office of Sustainability Programs wants to hear from you and needs you to help us advance sustainability on campus. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas relating to sustainability, please contact:

Nick McCreary

Nick McCreary
Director of Sustainability

Becky Crowell

Becky Crowell
CSSAF Coordinator
Administrative Support

Office of Sustainability Student Representatives

Bryce Ferguson
Luke Klahs
Chantal Portes
Alex Schultz
Colin Thomas (Post-graduate intern)
Grace Varga

The OSP Team: Chantal, Alex, Grace, Becky (front row, left to right); Nick, Luke, Bryce (back row, left to right)

Are you interested in learning more about sustainability at Creighton? The Office of Sustainability Programs provides information through departmental presentations and one-on-one consultations. Sessions follow an outline of why we care about sustainability at Creighton, what sustainability means locally and globally, and how we can work together to make change on campus and in our communities. Reach out to sustainability@creighton.edu to find out more. In your email please indicate:

  • Your name
  • Your department or division
  • Indicate if your are interested in a sustainability presentation for your department/division or individual consultation