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For Fall 2016 Semester: Deadline for the Fall semester is April 15th. APPLY NOW!

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About Encuentro Dominicano


The Encuentro Dominicano (ED) is an academic, service-learning program integrating community-based learning in a cross-cultural immersion context. It is a collaborative response by the Global Engagement Office and the Division of Student Life.  Encuentro Dominicano originated from over 40 year of involvement with the Dominican Republic through Misión ILAC, "a nonprofit institution that develops and promotes human and spiritual growth of rural communities based on ideas of love and service" founded by two Jesuits in 1973. 

Creighton University's Mission Statement calls for participation in the tradition of the Society of Jesus and its integrating vision of the world. That vision includes a faith that promotes justice, service to others, appreciation of ethnic and cultural diversity, stimulation of creative and critical thinking, and provision of ethical perspectives for dealing with an increasingly complex world.


Core Components of Encuentro Dominicano

Academics: In the Classroom

Academics: Outside the Classroom

In Service in Santiago

In Solidarity in the Campo

Exploring the DR

Living at the ILAC Center